If it's summer, then travel with your kids to the neighborhood

It's a little thoughtful place to visit with children in your neighborhood.


15th Birthday of Forfel, the bloodsucker! The popular "Fantastic Fraknou Blood" children's and family festival in Fragnac's Blood will be the 15th time this summer that we have experienced our lives in the past centuries.
Forfel, the Blood Shop again has a great program for the kids: they can make their own knighthoods at the pottery. There are new tasks, new positions and a rolling barrack at the Knights' Tower. And finally, on the occasion of the anniversary, children can make their own Forfel prize.
We recommend it for ages five to six.
July 09-31, 2011
Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Adventurous fun

140,000 square meters of play and adventure await you in Austria's largest leisure park, the Lake Fertil Familypark. Everybody, regardless of age, will be thrilled by the excitement. In Fairy Tale, your favorite stories come to life, and there are other surprises in the book, on the adventure island and in the farm, from hunting opportunities to wildlife to the zoo. With the New Year's Eve, which bought the season pass so far, the Familypark can be visited for as long as 365 days.
Nyitvatartбs: April 2, 2011 - October 26, daily.
April to September: 9am - 6pm Urbig
October: 10.00am to 5.00pm Urbig
Thermal Riviera at Иateѕ
385 kilometers from Budapest you will find an outdoor leisure park with huge, colorful, curvy slides, wellness services for parents, fun for kids and kids. Carefree fun and relaxation!
The price of entering the health bath is 12-14 Euros a day
Trip to Bratislava Destination for a day trip! There is also a zoo in the zoo, you can admire strange plants in the botanical garden. And great fun at the kids' museum! And here you can go surfing, but there is another interesting program.
It is a tranquility, quietness, much excitement for families
Traveling to Szeklerland is not a two-day getaway, and since kids have a bad time with very long motorways, you choose night train by car and Crown Express. It's a great adventure in itself! Kids are guaranteed to enjoy and you will be more relaxed if you don't have to drive. Get off at Madefalu, not far from the Pension Szekely. High-quality apartment in a fairytale setting, with a flexible kitchen, comfortable, well-equipped rooms, and the herd retires before dawn and dusk, and the garden is filled with the famous spring, which is incredibly refreshing and cool. Csánksomlyu, Csankyzereda in the immediate vicinity, can be approached with a medium footpath, but you can take all the family's bikes with you on the Crown.