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Toxemia that no one has come up with…

Toxemia that no one has come up with…

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This birth history is not unusual. Pregnancy Sugar, Toxemia, And Cesarean Section… But let's get started!

Toxemia that no one has come up with…

After the positive test, the ultrasound also confirmed that we would have a baby. We were very happy. It soon became clear that I was diabetic, and I regularly went to diabetes. I had to give up certain meals, pay attention to my intake of carbohydrates, and measure my sugar many times a day. But my willpower was limitless, I did everything for our baby. At week 17, we learned that we were going to have a baby, as soon as we decided Jбzmin will be named. We decided that I wouldn't have an admitted doctor because we had heard more from the acquaintances and we thought it would be a more useful place for the amount that would land in the doctor's pocket. I had high blood pressure, swollen my hands and feet, and had white in my urine. I was blushing a lot, seeing black dots. Nursing, defective, home doctor saw me, but they didn't say anything. From the 28th week my inner cavity was open, I was threatened with prematurity, I had to lie down. Sugar also went to healthy values ​​several times, I got insulin. I don't wish anyone the last few weeks. I gained a total of 8-9 kilos, a large portion the last month. At week 35, antibiotics were uprooted - because I had a lot of bacteria in my urine - which I took, needless to say, unnecessarily. Meanwhile, the first NST time has come. I planned to have the exam on Thursdays, then I would have started week 37, but since my sister (who was also pregnant, was just ahead of me) was taken away by her husband on Monday, I kept with her. The previous day I was terribly ill, almost tired. I also told the couple that I just had no pregnancy toxin, since I had all the symptoms (high blood pressure, edema, white urine). But I thought there were more professionals who watched, so I didn't have to make a diagnosis on my own. Mine was full of white. I measured my blood pressure: 160 volts. NST has not had a good result either. They sent me to my parent's room, where they didn't welcome me, and I didn't get any good ones. There was about 180 my blood pressure. They asked questions, filled out paperwork, asked what his name was, first I didn't know who to ask, and then the baby. I didn't understand what was going on with me, because it's not time for a baby. But we said at week 36 the baby was "ready". They laid me in the butter, trying to bring my blood pressure down. I suffered in silence up to уrбk. My husband called my phone, what about me, I said we might be getting older today. My blood pressure was just over 200. I was thirsty and hungry, but I couldn't eat, I didn't want it. At 3 pm, the chief doctor decided to have an emergency cesarean section, We were in danger, both baby and me. Then I was so bad that I could barely see it, I didn't really know what was going on with me. They put in the catheter and started the surgery at times. Just got my brother and he could be with me, it mattered a lot. I trembled, froze at the sensation. 16 hours at 25 minutes the glow of our born eye, Jasmine by 2330 grams and 49 inches, with Apgar 10/9. A few days later she was premature. The recovery was difficult after the operation, my milk started a couple of days later, and the baby was refreshed by then. I was a beloved boy. My roommates helped me, the person was in vain. It was a change to come home after six days. Even then, I hardly realized that I was a mother. Afterwards I realized how much luck we had. If I didn't go to NST by accident on Thursdays, I might not have known on Thursdays ... It's been eight months. My diabetes is gone. The baby is 8 kilos, smart, well developed, happy, beautiful baby, and suckling. Together with my son-in-law, who helped in everything, we adore him. I, myself, also recovered from postpartum depression, which lasted for months. However, I don't want more children after the story. So I just want to, I don't know how to carry my body so the first pregnancy was such a problem. But if you do, I'll be sure to see a doctor who really cares about me, and I don't go out of my way to get pregnant, even though I recognize them.
D. B., Szekesfehervr
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