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They mocked a bikini mom with a toddler because they had stretch marks

They mocked a bikini mom with a toddler because they had stretch marks

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An open letter was written by a 33-year-old mum who had been teased by a poor teenager because of her pregnancy.

Tanis Jex-Blake, 33, of Canada, was sunbathing on the beach in a bikini when a few teenagers picked her up and began to rude her. "Look how ugly! This is disgusting," said the mother-in-law with her two children. But what made you excited about these feelings? By having stretch marks. The woman mocked a young girl and two boys. The mother barely bothered to hold on to her tears, and when she returned home, she did not bother her much, she broke apart and washed herself. He later shared the following open letter on Facebook."I'm sorry that after 13 years my first sunbath has made you so exhausted. I'm sorry that my stomach is not flat and tight. I'm sorry that my 33-year-old body has made you laugh and point at me, and that one of your co-workers has done the same thing as trying to talk to me. what wonderful thing has your body accomplished so far? "Next to the glass, the mom posted the photo below:
Of course, the Internet's nipple, as you might expect, reacted mixed to the testimony. There were commenters who thought that her belly was bad and she should have worn a one-piece swimsuit. He also agreed and said that bikinis aren't for everyone, and they wouldn't want to see this on the beach. Most of the time, however, the behavior of adolescents was a foregone conclusion. Some have reassured her that she is beautiful inside and out, deeply regretted what happened to her and hopes that these young people are now terribly saddened. (Via)