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He gave the Children's Book of the Year awards

He gave the Children's Book of the Year awards

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Péter Peter Nyulszsz the Helka, István Lakatos the mobster of the Dobozvár, received the Children's Book of the Year 2011 prize for the International Children's Book Day. The Children's Book Illustrator of the Year became Krisztián Sznntu.

The prize was awarded to Peter Krisztina Szбntui and Peter Dúka and István Komjáthy to illustrate his book. Hannu Győr, chosen for Children's Book Turner of the Year, Beate Teresa Hanika Never translated a novel for anyone. In the educational category, the Year's Children's Book is awarded to Black and White - Two Mouse Adventures authors - Sarolta Entz, Erika Fekete-Horváth, Rita János-Halász and János Mászos - published by Kunzs.
"Boy and girl readers can find the opportunity for identification, but they are also enthusiastic about the subject in Helk or Cypriot.
According to Pompor Peter Pompor, a literary researcher in the Box, the Biblical Godhead, Gandalfon and Dumbledore, focuses on the wise man who controlled the world, holding the balance of evil forces. " Illustrator Krisztina Rйnyi emphasized that it is not the illustrators who should be exchanged, but the works they produce and the best of those who are really capable.
Zsuzsa Bencsikné Kucska, President of the Children's Library Section of the Hungarian Library Association (MKE) said: Two Mouse Books have been on the books since 2007 and the jury speaks every year. In this volume, you will learn about different artworks from the Museum Mouse and its cousin.
"The language of suffering is not the complaint and the woe, but the silence. This silence, this conjecture, had to be authentically pronounced by Hannah Gyхri, the translator of the novel, and made verbatim in Hungarian," said Zsuzsa Tamás.
International Children's Book Day is being held on April 2, in honor of Hans Christian Andersen, Dan's narrator's birthday, worldwide. The International Council of Children's Books (IBBY) has been organizing professional conferences since 2002, and this year's event is focused on youth and children's literature. Choosing and reading the required literature is still a major problem, and there are different ideas and practices.
The Children's Book of the Year Award in Hungary is awarded by the Hungarian Section of IBBY to the best, most successful New Hungarian Children's Books of the previous year, and to those who have given children outstanding literature, illustrations, and publishing. The purpose of the award is the recognition and recognition of outstanding creators of Hungarian children's literature - reports MTI.