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A vlog is about the last flask of Zita Pataki

A vlog is about the last flask of Zita Pataki

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After eight unsuccessful attempts, Zita Pataki and her husband Attila Sznynyas decided that once again they would give birth to a child. In our nine-part docu-reality vlog, we'll show you what's going on.

They're about to break into the last ninth flask (photo: a nine-part doc-reality vlog, in which Pataki Zita and her husband, Attila Szárrnyas show you the exams that go through and the state of mind of couples who are involved in a flask program. According to Zita Pataki, you are now seeing how ignorantly you are doing your first program years ago. In fact, many of the information they lack from the system is what couples looking for a child try to collect from each other or from online forums. According to statistics today 300,000 bear pairs live in Hungary. "How much easier it would have been to start with the first flask, since we already had the information we had after only the fifth to sixth flask. These could be exams, or how many less than 10 I am or not, how I eat, what vitamins I am taking, what my state of mind is. We became much more conscious after the fifth-sixth flask, but by then many years had passed, "Zita Pataki said that many were not. "Every single flask has something unexpected for us," says Attila Sznyrnyas. "When we start with a flask, there are two ways in the default case: either successful or not. But we didn't even count on your intermediate status: half success, complete failure, for example, when you do not get an implant. the things we thought were worth talking about, because if we were to go through it, we would also experience the same thing. "" If I go back in time, we will not only let you go after the eighth treatment. supported flask procedures are over, then there is much more to think about, because then it is a very hard material request. I used to feel like I wouldn't do it anymore. this is the last thing we do and I can say this so boldly because I am aware that I tried to let go, but this sensation was slowly and gradually reincarnated, "Zita Pataki said to the Baby Room, asking them to try again when they tried again. the taboos! " says Patita Zita. "We want to talk about these issues honestly, so that we don't get married to us, no one is depressed about it, and couples alone in the world feel the same. We have the same problem. when young, women know what their hormone levels are, how long they will be productive, and whether they have any illnesses that can make their pregnancy more difficult. bodily conscious thinking I want to get Pataki Zita to speak honestly about their childhood struggles. You give me information. Everything they have undergone during the treatment of the eight flasks, they have experienced, they themselves have tasted. That's what you get The last flask is a document-reality vlog.As the Baby Room asked if we wouldn't talk more about the bear, flask procedure in the past year, Zita Pataki said that maybe we talk a little more about the process, but people still know a little about the process. "We want the movie to have a sense of it termйkenysйgtudatossбg Also, perhaps it sounds true to me that time can be a relative, 45 years old, life can end and start at any time. But when it comes to time, this movie is not only for those of us who are wearing shoes similar to ours, but also for those in their twenties who are at their best in terms of fertility. They need to be able to think about choosing the couple they want to cheat on in the future. Everyone, men and women alike, need to know that they can't spend the other time, they are responsible to others and to themselves. We have to respect the time. "Arru also asked Pataki Zita to conceive, in a flask procedure, couples go through a lot of things on their souls. to let the public in. "We thought a lot about this question and even had to think about it the most. I'm sure my brother and I will both survive and treat our senses. Perhaps we can also help show you how to kill all of this and how to handle our sensors. It is not your task to extend our lives, but we are using documentary tools to show a certain part of our lives, a slice that affects us very much beyond us. By presenting the currency, without distorting it, not manipulating it, we do not want to show our spiritual state under which we are going through such a procedure. Life is incredibly beautiful, worth all the pain, lightness, and smiles. "The nine-part vlog can be found on Women's Choice Youtube.


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