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The effect of cartoons on children

The effect of cartoons on children

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There is no man who would not be enchanted by fairy tales at the time, just as millions of children have passed away. The tale is an indispensable "accessory" for personal development.

With the help of stories, the psychic learns to distinguish between good and bad, the identification of good currency. But is it true that today's mainstream cartoon tale helps a child? To cope with their unconscious content, a child must understand what is going on in their consciousness. However, this is not the rationale for rational understanding. Creating awakenings, desires, fear and catharsis, repeating and rearranging fictional wonders is a great opportunity for a child to relieve tensions that vibrate in the unconscious.

Celebrity comes to life

Very many of the tales were presented to the children by hearing. Later, with the spread of printing, you could read the soul-raising stories. Illustrations have increased the power of the written down. Then the filming came and the characters came to life. Jancsi and Juliska, the Little Red Riding Hood and the enormous magical figure came to life. It was new in the world, too, in the transposed sense. Then the father burst into our lives, and he started to make animated films. Disney's love was interwoven with the children, who were able to see the stunning stories of beautifully drawn, high-animated figures on the screen. Animated filmmaking has evolved into a huge, lucrative industry in the Western world, and from the work of classical tales, so-called modern they have broken away from old traditions, and getting closer to comics and adult action movies.

A fabulous relationship with children

However, paradoxically, some of the new stories in the traditional story much more fabulous, because it suggests the illusion of physical life. Characters have countless lives and therefore cannot die, as is the custom in life. There are plenty of tцrtйnet йppen arrуl rйmьletesen vбltozatos kнsйrletsorozatrуl szуl, putting the szereplхk egymбst prуbбljбk (mindhiбba) vйgrehajtott megsemmisнteni.A kьlцnleges kйpessйggel, sloppy scenes dramatizбlt tцkйletesen tбlalja technique rбadбsul (voice йs fйnyeffektusok, sыrы vбgбsok). The goal is to sanctify the tool even in the hands of positive actors, the sharp border is blurred between white and black magic, which could never happen in a true story.

Blurred borders

We would be unfair to say that nowadays there are no beautiful and worthwhile cartoons presenting valuable human qualities that present a part of the modern story with the formal requirements of the tale in mind. They're out, but unfortunately they have to be hunted. The rise of the cultural barrier has been that films that do not exhibit verbal aggression or even explicitly obscene texts, besides presenting physical violence. And unfortunately, there was no solution to the fact that one extremely violent, soul-chromatic series could not be seen before us. survived) and how it helped those who had hope. The uncontrolled market is a good place because no child will turn off the father, saying: aggressive cartoon mourns human dignity, tragic text hurts the person, and primary violence affects the personality.


The kid is sitting there in front of the screen and, in a bad case, anxious. In the "good" case, he is outraged if he hears words he has found that his parents always ask for. But it is also possible that the forbidden fruit is sweet and the cucumber is thirsty to drink the unfolded text. Recently, he organized an International Children's Rescue Service Conference, entitled The Impact of the Media on Children and Young People. The experts present were among them Zsolt Richly cartoon director, Balázs Bíla-dnjas, merry all-around. Kannvsny Fans and Kockbulls Arrow series and the cartoon Jany Haby are added to his name - to name but a few.For more than a decade, he is a co-worker of Pannunnia Filmsteddy. The intellectual workshop has once produced a lot of nifty, iconic cartoons, just like regional-style studios.- In Eastern Europe, says Zsolt Richly, there was a lot of animation work in the past. It was a school that was brave enough to compete with the big western students. The same spirit dominated the workplaces of the regions, so we made a number of films that were the same as the others. The movies have always featured small adventures that showcased noble feelings, expressing old human ideals. they were made with educational purpose, although we have made sure that this does not directly body. Unfortunately, our options are much narrower today, as high-quality manufacturing is all too expensive, and the worlds have overshadowed the screen. Now, neither money nor posture, because what our children and grandchildren look at on all kinds of open channels, I do not call it soul-shaped entertainment. We did not allow ourselves, that is to say, our figures, to make fun of us, laugh at each other. Such series of films are very fashionable today, almost infinitely produced, but I think they carry an immoral message. Of course, I'm not thinking about Disney because their films are good and sensible based on European sources. I'm talking about those Far East productions that are mostly made to order in the US, in the leather industry.

They left

- Movies on the cartoon channel have a very low production cost. It is not by chance that Japanese heroes, for example, always come from the sky and fly. This is technically easy as you do not need to elaborate and draw the movement of the figure. The protagonist stretches out his arm, protrudes, and makes the preconceived background easy to hide. The character is constantly transporting her, and so the movie is on its way. It's a cool, quick fix, but I have other concepts about cartoon from a technical point of view. The channel broadcasts canned food made from such films. There are no living people in the package, no live shows. Nowadays it is widespread fashion to revitalize old figures, including evening entertainment, which is just a hallmark of the story.

Everything for the eye

Zsolt Richly agrees with other conference participants that the screen is dangerous because shows everyone everything.- The biggest problem is that these scenes can be watched by even the smallest of teens. However, the advantage of having a parent is that you can choose the age range well for a particular show. Instead, however, it broadcasts everything during the pre-Duluth program, without any broadcast. Broadcasting cartoons that are not really small or straightforward to adults in the daytime carries the risk of reaching younger age groups with information for the older ones. he will regard the father as a currency. If he sees that Jerry has been pancakes by Tom, but the mouse is okay, he will try the same thing with his little brother. There have been several examples of this in my environment. If there is no value in life in a cartoon, I will show the child a real war of despair, because they are slowly becoming immune to true human suffering.

Learn to use it!

Professionals consider it important that children and adolescents learn to use electronic mediums in a timely manner, that is, what, when and why (or not) to watch. They are looking for ways to make this happen. At the same time, we also urge the creation of a fund that can support the production of domestic films. Unfortunately, a large portion of Eastern European studios are covered by oversized leather. A few years ago, an organization founded in Belgium that defended European film. It always had to be a three-to-three country to get money to make a movie. We were among the three, even though we were opposed to the opportunity because we did not pay the membership fee and the media bill was not adjusted to European standards. Well that's it. But I do believe that Hungarian cartoon will regain its old form. As I listen, the filmmaker is slowly beginning to embrace the more lively stories. But we don't have time to wait for Far-East workshops to come up with repeat human films. Knowing our own intellectual capacity, our cinema, our talent, it wouldn't make any sense.Lecturer: Tibor Michael Tauzin Related articles:
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