Cryo-Save Cell Bank: Live in care, live in stem cell conservation! (X)

Cryo-Save Cell Bank: Live in care, live in stem cell conservation! (X)

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There's no more awkward moment when it turns out you're expecting a baby! It is natural to take care of a child from the very first moment.

You have already megvбltoztatjuk йtkezйsi szokбsainkat during vбrandуssбg idхszaka, prуbбlunk йlni йletet calmer, йs igyekszьnk felkйszьlni to the day when gyermekьnk 9 hуnap vбrakozбs utбn vйgre vilбgra jцn йs нgy megйlhetjьk csodбs йs felemelх the moment when your first time gyermekьnket kйzbe vesszьk.A gyermekьnk egйszsйgйrхl tцrtйnх care, but we can contribute to long-term health insurance at the same moment. Every parent wants his child to be healthy throughout his life and, in the event of illness, does everything he can to heal. Stem cell storage here can give parents a chance that is hopefully a more reliable solution to healing: according to current medical science, it is possible to treat patients with stem cells.

The Cryo-Save Cell Bank in Hungary, since its inception in 2002, provides the opportunity to preserve seed stem cells, and since 2009 it has also been able to protect seed cells. Europe's leading family stem cell bank holds more than 250,000 stem cell samples, including 25,000 Hungarian samples, under the highest possible security measures.

What are Stem Cells?

What do they say

Hostess Gabriella Jakupcsek: "I consider it the greatest success of my life to bring up three children and start them in life. I feel obligated to do my best for health, but that's what every parent is afraid of. Science offers an opportunity, let's kill it! "
Krisztina Hadas Editor-in-Chief: "When Sara's daughter was born 20 years ago, if I could, I'd surely live with the opportunity. But there was no such procedure at home. because what could be more important. I believe in science and its development, and I believe I am careful when I live with the potential of medicine. Of course, I hope, but never will, "

Stem cells are special cells that, throughout their lives, are capable of not only constantly reviving themselves, but also of creating new tissues. Based on current conditions and medical recommendations In 70 years, the currency is that a person will need to have their own stem cells in 1: 450, that is, up to every staircase apartment block may have such a need. However, the cost of stem cell transplantation may increase further if the scope of stem cell therapy is broadened.
Unfortunately, anything can go wrong, and while organ transplantation is not always feasible, the use of stem cells can be faster, safer and more secure. In some cases, and from an immunological point of view, stem cells, which are the earliest available and available at birth, may be the appropriate means for healing. Cells with skin quality up to 9 months old, with good quality and excellent ability to perform well, perform better the expected regenerative function of the body than the older organism - e.g. in adulthood - gainable stem cells. In a shredded state, they can be stored for a long time without aging, preserving excellent quality and preserving instant access, because they are genetically identical to the owner's organism. In contrast, finding the right bone marrow donor is often very time-consuming and unfortunately not always possible. However, it also comes from their youth that they can be used at higher rates in the treatment of family members because they are more tolerant of immunological characteristics than bone marrow-derived stem cells.

Cell therapy in the present!

The importance of preserving gonadal stem cells can now be treated effectively. He was so acclaimed that in 1999, children's use of expansive cord blood cells increased exponentially. According to the registry of the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, in 2011, stem cells derived from gonadal blood cells were used for transplantation in children (under the age of 18) (see diagram). Obviously, collecting and preserving stem cells that are available during childbirth is obvious, as stem cell therapy has been used for a number of disease groups.
Currently, stem cells are associated with more than 70 blood and haematopoietic disorders - such as leukemia, lymphomas, certain ailments, certain immunodeficiency disorders, hemoglobin problems - in the treatment. vйrkйpzх Szervezetьnk szervrendszerйnek the csontvelхnek йs chemo / or its sugбrterбpiбs kezelйseit kцvetхen pуtlбsбra alkalmazzбk frequently terбpiбs of Relationship for хssejteket, йs sugбrterбpia the chemo because it pusztнtja sajnбlatos mуdon not csupбn rбkos the cells, but the cells also csontvelх egйszsйges йletveszйlyesen kбrosнtja. Correspondingly, stem cell transplantation is used to restore bone marrow function.
The current kцldцkzsinуrvйr хssejtek gyуgyбszati ​​alkalmazбsain tъl, szбmos clinical kutatбs going mesenchymбlis хssejtekkel, which hasznбlata tцbbek irбnyul kцzцtt is not vйrkйpzхszervi betegsйgek kezelйsйre as pйldбul the szнv- йs йrrendszeri problйmбk, cukorbetegsйg, neurological problйmбk, mбjbetegsйgek. Dr. Csaba Papp According to the associate professor and medical geneticist, in addition to the genitalia, the genitalia to be preserved is not only a source of mesenchymal stem cells, but also important for the therapy of the future. endothelial cell site. Because one of the main goals of Cryo-Save is to facilitate the application of stem cell therapy, it has launched a special Cost-Free Family Donation Program. Within the Program, we offer free care to the neonatal child's stem cells that are diagnosed as a life-threatening disease that can be treated with a stem cell by a member. Among the specimens stored in Cryo-Save, 13 specimens were used for self and sibling transplants. In megхrzцtt mintбk terбpiбs confirms Cryo-Save хssejtbanki tevйkenysйgйnek high minхsйgi szнnvonalбt.A Cryo-Save vilбgszerte recognized experts йs extensive trade relations with the rйvйn gyуgyбszati ​​хssejtek felhasznбlбsбnak elхsegнtйsйben йs the хssejtmegхrzйs technolуgiбjбnak йlen fejlesztйsйben jбr cйlъ felhasznбlбsa egyйrtelmыen. The result of this work was not only the collection of the genetic cord at birth, but also the preservation of the genetic cord of the European family's family of stem cells.
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