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Alcohol consumption during pregnancy? Occasionally?

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy? Occasionally?

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There is no behavioral or developmental disorder among the children of non-pregnant women who have consumed alcohol on an occasional basis, the researchers found.

Researchers at University College London found no causal association between the behavioral characteristics of elderly children and their mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Their results were published online in the October 6 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. In a previous study, the research group found that pregnant women had no harmful effects from occasional alcohol consumption. In the current study, 11,500 children were divided into groups based on their mother's drinking during pregnancy. Six percent of women had never consumed alcohol before becoming pregnant, and 60 percent of them did not drink at all during their pregnancy. 26 of them were pregnant 1-2, 5.5 of them 3-6 drinks, while 2.5 of them consumed more than 7 drinks in one week.
Compared to the children of non-alcoholic mothers, 1-2 percent of the sons of mothers who consumed 1-2 drinks a week had behavioral, emotional, or intellectual disabilities lower than those of their mothers. Children who drank 1-2 drinks were overactive by 27 and 29 percent, respectively. On the other hand, the children of mother-to-be alcoholics had a number of problems.
Asking questions about the amount of alcohol consumed can affect the results. It is well known that by self-certification, much less is known about the amount of alcohol actually consumed. It is not certain that we would get similar results if we were examining pregnant women in another country. For example, American Indians, who do not have alcohol-degrading enzymes, may put their fetus at greater risk if they drink alcohol while pregnant.
The study triggered a heated professional debate, and the majority of professionals, despite the results, continue to recommend abstinence throughout pregnancy. Dr. Richard Jones, a prominent Texan woman, warns pregnant women about drinking alcohol in the context of evaluating the results. Dr. Michael Katz agrees, and he recommends drinking alcohol in the nine months of pregnancy.
"Alcoholism during pregnancy leads to developmental abnormalities. We do not know the amount of alcohol consumed which certainly does not cause fetal problems. Cincinnatibуl. However, no abnormality is known which would be the consequence of nine months of abstinence.


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