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These are our favorite super-cute babe-mom-papa videos

Not surprisingly, these videos have blown up the internet - some of the babies' reactions are really priceless!

The reaction of a little boy when he first meets the little boyThe reaction of a super cute baby when she notices two of her momsA graduate student probably left this baby in the intensive care unitAfter 160 days in the intensive care unit, when this baby was finally able to leave the church, he was fooled by this shrubby, as he was a mighty man.An adorable video when you dad and baby "talk"Catchy video of how this baby clings to her dad's lap to suck onDance mother in tummyThe mom, who was very positive, started dancing with dancingHe is the unbeatable champion of musician supportSo the soldier's daddy surprised the wife in the town hallThe sweetest dinosaurA creepy reaction from the baby when his dad raps him(VIA)