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The best say for toddlers

Cannot start saying prematurely. Not just good fun or fun, he teaches to play and develops the child.

The best say for toddlersWe can even sing small babies, say poems, tales and sayings. It also improves the sightlessness of the children, is familiar with their rhythm, evokes feelings in the womb in children, their music, their soothing melodies and, last but not least, their common sense of humor. We collect a few sayings in a variety of topics that we can safely say to toddlers.
Come on, shit, let's put it together!
We two are a lyre,
Habrman and the chick,
We're going to Budra,
To the Buda Fair. Let's say it, let's skip it: Bunny ears,
He has a big mustache,
Ripples eat: rop, rop, rop,
Jumps a lot: oops, oops, oops.You serve this verse of the two when we snooze. For a very long time, up to school age, you can miss our common meals: sieve, sieve, sieve,
I'm drooling today, roasting tomorrow,
shoe for you,
I rub it, butter it,
love, love give you.Sьssьnk, sьssьnk something
I'll also tell you what.
Flour should be wheeled,
full, you sweetie.
Twisted, twisted,
trapped in a bar,
snail chop,
wheeled and sweet.
I do, I do the brand,
I fire you a spit,
with that motto,
I give you, ?. (can be replaced by the child's name) Lightweight saying:
Goat went to the small garden,
he ate the cabbage.
Hurry goat, jump out!
The host comes to catch it. Moving can be a good thing, especially if your kid doesn't like this activity:
you feel good about yourself.
She would still get a tail,
your father wouldn't know me!
Two foot boots, red,
with a nice collar would be pretty.
I mix it and see, okay,
little cock, little harkaby! Hacuka bitch, why all these clothes?
By the time I pick them all, I grow them up on a pretty stone.
I'll be like a bear,
Whoever is rounded.And at the end, two anesthetic say:
Golden butterfly,
Where are you little tramp?
Why do you travel so far
Take care of the baby.
Tell him a nice story,
Catch all two eyes,
If he sleeps quietly,
Mom is also relaxing.It's dark at night,
Bunny ears go down.
The kitten is purring,
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