Esther's Diary - Week 30The Big Bang

Esther's Diary - Week 30The Big Bang

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Esther has entered week thirty, energetic and energetic, not sure why everyone wants to see her "before"? But what's the aftermath?

Nice round number. Thirty. That's just how I will be a couple of weeks after giving birth, according to a friend of mine, so I can still be a 20-year-old mom. Not that there is foreignness, and inside, we know Carrie Bradshaw, thirty is the new one. I will stay twenty years or so anyway. I think they're crazy. However, this thirty also means that it is time for an ultrasound again and we are crazy again because we can see Barni. Probably this will be the last Big Brother show where your baby is just drawing a picture, not a snapshot of what the body is all about. Our favorite sonographer speculated about 3,000 to 3,500 grams of Barn, which I was very fond of, as previous measurements have looked at such a large number of pups. Great body, great enjoyment, but not so much to press, so that minus half really counts for a parent. Mondjбk. We also found out that everything is fine with the baby's organs, the amount of my amniotic fluid, my cushion, and eva that the form of my hips is perfect. Not to hang out, but to be born for sure. You know, these ultrasonic meetings (reunion parties) are always great, some kind of family holiday where we, prospective parents and Barni meet. Also in the picture, not just in the image. Because babies are getting more and more hesitant. I have gummy resonances several times a day and I love it! Surprisingly, it doesn't matter if you hug more or less, though everyone is a little frightened that it is so good now. Of course you!
Dentist, hairdresser, German. Outside of these programs, it is like being born to the outside world, all my friends want to see. Again! Before the big bang. Such reactions are what make me think and then scare me. Why, what will happen after birth? How is it that everyone wants to see you fast ?! No problem, I am full of energy and feel better, all the coffee, traveling, discussing, laughing, sunshine and moonlight now that I know: YES! I'm sure somebody's already making my necrology. She lived twenty-nine years and the thirty-two became a mother.
But I'm not afraid of the dentist. Everyone sits in the blood with a dead and bleary face and laughs and read my book. In the not-so-comfortable dentist's office, I indicate which tooth is suspicious, and what the fat, the seal is, and when the doctor asks me to ask the anesthetic, I also want to give up fast. I came on time. Well, in time! I'm not going to wait for a hole in my tooth that has to be filled three times and with concrete. I got over that too. Hairdressing, this is the next and thankfully painless program that you should organize, but due to the many balatonics and thousands of degrees I still have time. I don't know what I'm expecting, maybe I just know that I'm going to have a lot of fun with my baby anyway, so I make the time as soon as possible to go out again. That's logic. Logic?
The other big one, and Giza, says that it is an urgent request whether Barni's bed should be a sticker or a painting. Because I've been hunting for a sample from the net, a cute boy who splashes water, has clouds over them, little birds on them ... I can almost hear them singing, but do I order it from the US or get it painted? To be or not to be? And the low-waisted linen cover !!! What a relic. My mom put it away, we just got it ... even though my body was about twenty years ago. Baby clothes also gather, tidy, diaper-folded, dozens of weeks, and parents. Tнz. Nice round number. That's how I was when I knew my first baby boy would be. And it's worth being more than not being. Don't ask.