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Try to relax!

Try to relax!

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You don't have to be tired, skinned or irritated just because you are at home with the kids. You can easily recharge with our tips.

Don't be alone!

Look for a mother with a toddler! If you share your problems with others, they will seem much smaller. You can also receive spiritual and practical help from others. Not only do you get to know the player, the practice has already tried to prevent you from developing a friendship on the Internet.

Get out!

It's not easy getting a little toddler into the world. However, the best antidote to monotony is to test stroller excursions. Daily sunshine boosts the immune system in the air, and outdoor programs are indispensable for mental health. It could be a playground for the neighborhood, a visit from a more distant friend, or even a downtown cafe, the essence is variety.

Get me into our housework!

It is a pleasure to play with children twenty times a day. Cooking can be one of the most exciting public activities, as you can make dough, spoon flour, and filter almond chips as small as you can. Gardening, home décor, but even dusting can be accomplished with the help of a few playful ideas.

Involve others!

You can take the kids to the playground with your neighbor's mommy while you're shopping. You can tell and bathe your father while you wash your hair. In Granddaughter, you can walk with your stroller to your grandfather while setting up some important phones. With a lot of little help you can do great things.

Take more time for what turns off!

Martin Seligman the American psychologist's happiness tip comes from a baby. Write a list of activities that are really rewarding. Make a note of how much you spend a week on them and how much you want. Think about how to increase the time it takes to recharge, what you can do with your baby, and what you need outside help.

Educate me!

Initial hardships require patience, but in the long run, a lot of energy is released when you are young letting your child fall. Choose your clothes, move alone, brush your teeth, try to tie your shoemaker, butter your bread, even if you need to clean up the kitchen afterwards.

Make the most of sleep!

As long as the nights are not disturbed, sleep with the child in the sun. Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things to do. When you are not sleeping with him, plan what you will spend this time on and prepare the tools you need. It can be a complete shutdown, or tasks that require high concentration and silence. Don't waste those valuable luck on something you could do with your baby.

Keep your sports equipment at home!

The movement is off, soothes, charged, so don't give up on your child for a while. Until you get to the gym, fitness videos, skis, different rubber bands, or just an exercise bike can do a good job. So you don't have to ask for help to exercise regularly.
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