The 10 most common contact allergens

The 10 most common contact allergens

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Not only can you be allergic to pollens and cat hair! There's something you can do to get involved and start scratching in March. You know what's causing it, but what if you didn't realize that your complaints were due to contact allergy?

Makeup is good, but cosmetics can have many contact allergies

Tнz + individual contact allergy highscore

Although more than 3,500 contact allergies are currently recognized, the majority of these are rare, with only 20-30 substances in the globe. Even though it has been used for a couple of years now, it has been slowly but surely going back to thiomerics, perfumed cosmetics cause more and more complaints year after year, according to a study from a home study, children are often affected by the problem as well (thanks to the use of fragrance products, which are also useful in newborns).
  • Nickel: jewelry, metal buttons, jewelry material, alpaca (copper, zinc, nickel alloy silvered), cutlery, all fertilizing tools

  • Cobalt: in hair dyes, antiperspirants, cobalt dyes, generally found in all nickel-containing resins

  • Perfume mixers: contains the eight most common contact allergenic fragrances used in skin tests (fragrance mix), which can be found in perfume, drinks, lotion, toothpaste, and mouthwash. There are only a fraction of the thousands and thousands of fragrances currently in use that cause problems

  • Perubalzsam: natural, resinous perfume base material

  • Latex: rubber gloves, rubber condoms, pacifiers, toys, earphones, rubber slippers

  • thiomersal: Containing mercury and disinfectant, contact lens disinfectant and storage in liquids (especially in all in one varieties)

  • neomycin: Antibiotics in ointments, eye drops, cosmetics, deodorants, soaps and pets

  • Formaldehyde: a widely used preservative in paper products, household cleaners, cosmetics

  • quaternium 15: Preservatives in cosmetics, such as sunscreens, shampoos, marshmallows, sunscreens

  • PPD, ie paraphenylene diamine: hair dye component

  • Nбtrium-dikromбt: cement, skin component (typically carcinogenic to sodium dichromate contact allergy)
  • Contact Allergy of the Year 2009

    The United States of America Contact Dermatitis has selected so-called mixed dialkylthiourea as a contact allergy for the year. Have you ever heard this denominator? Bar chemicals and rubber industry professionals are well known, and it is no wonder that most people are affected by the power of innovation. It is a process-accelerating neoprene component in rubber production and a trendy raw material. And it is this latter field of application that deserves our attention.Neoprene is made of leather clothing, athletic shoes, boots, orthopedic pads, prosthesis, gloves, snowshoe sleeping pads, computer pads. It has been shown that, in use, body fluids such as thiourea dissolve from neoprene and cause an allergic reaction on the skin when sweating. Symptoms are similar to those of contact allergies: itchy, reddened, inflamed skin, and in severe cases blisters also. Symptoms are typically a with neoprene parts develop. Of course, thiourea allergy is far from the most common, but as the number of neoprene triumphs is rising steeply, experts would like to call this more attention. over time and in a wide variety of applications can also be caused by substances that are widespread.More information: United States Contact Dermatitis

    So the complaints go away

    The most important things we can do are: a total side effect of contact allergen. If this is not possible or is only partially possible, it may be worthwhile to try some sort of protective clothing, or if you are allergic to the workplace, the diagnosis may have to be transferred to another non-allergic job. Rцvid with steroid ointment treatment you can improve the condition of your skin, then use a relatively new agent, calcineurin gбtlуval It is very important to prevent skin dryness, because dry, cracked, thickened, dull skin is much toothy for all kinds of diseases. Also, the recent symptom, for example, on the sole, heel, heel may indicate a contact allergic to some substance in the shoe.


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