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It is difficult to handle, has strange habits, cannot fit. It is lagging far behind in many aspects, but it can excel in some areas. It seems like a miracle bug, even though it is "just" Asperger's syndrome.

My son, Szabi, was two and a half years old when he went to worship, and he was very prominent among his contemporaries. Nine months later, Tzz pronounced the first syllable, using compound sentences after one year. Until I realized that I might have a problem, until I realized I often feel uncomfortable in the changing room or on the playground: the rest of the child has left his or her speech unavoidably. He quoted head-to-head cartoons as well, but he did not listen to his name and echoed the requests he made. As I learned later, this is an echolel, one of the hallmarks of autism.

It is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured

- In the background of autism, there is a difference in the development of the brain. There are three areas of killing: communication, social behavior, and flexible behavior (thinking). This developmental disorder can affect a person's health. Its developmental background is predominantly genetic, and the behaviors and abilities of those affected can vary widely. Asperger syndrome refers to a variant of autism that is not associated with inferiority or language. These children have a particularly difficult time recognizing autism because it is easy to say that it is just a little bit different from the rest - explains Autumn Tamás, a pediatrician at the Autism Foundation.
When going to Szabi for kindergarten, it was clear that he was not communicating properly. I insisted on examining the ultrasound psychologist, where he woke up the suspicion that he often catches the ear because he could not bear certain voices. This refers to sensory sensory alertness, which is almost always present in autism. As a result, they can be extremely stressful to any of the stronger environmental stimuli, and in such cases they may be stressed out in (aggressive) or hysterical form.

This status is not a disease in medical sense, but a "character" that is completely alive. Their ability to make connections is underdeveloped by age, does not like to make friends with other children, and it is difficult to follow the strange rules of community. Interests are limited, for example, they always watch the same fairy tale movie from morning till night. Conventional situations are very important to their number, and they can get dehydration if you close a closet door, which should always be open.

Back to basics

Most of our lives are miserable for seemingly unmanageable hysterics. It was as if we were in a minefield, he could have spoiled it with anything, and I felt like I wasn't having it. It is perhaps not surprising that the psychologist's preliminary opinion has already made me relieved: I am not incapable of being a parent and my child is uneducated!
We have a much easier life since we were diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in Pediatric Pediatric Psychiatry: we know what we are up against and have learned to treat it. Here we recommend the TSMT (planned sensory motor training) developmental method and Ayres therapy, which, besides movement development, have a very good effect on behavioral disorders.
- The nervous system of autistic children does not develop well in infancy, so it does not bear the burden of the later, for example, has difficulty developing or is unable to integrate, and has problems with attention and learning. Nervous irresponsibility also causes certain areas to be above average and others very low, which does not depend on how smart the child is - says Katalin Belina, director of the Shoemaking Conduct Foundation. - It is difficult to arrange more complex movements such as cycling or pencil correctly. TSMT Space solves a series of playable tasks that aim to make these movements automatic. And in Ayres therapy, a variety of unstable devices, suspended claws, or swings stimulate the center of equilibrium, thereby developing the brain. And kids generally don't realize they're coming for development, because it's like being in a playhouse.

You can compensate for the condition

- It is very important to be aware that neither child nor family choose autism. This is a special variation of human existence, and it is very important that there are educational institutions that can deal with their problems, says Autumn Tambs.
There are few kindergartens and schools that can accommodate children with autism, as there are strict criteria for ensuring that they are properly trained and self-educated. A good capable young child is useful when it comes to such an integration institution, as its purpose is to fit in better with the younger ones. However, it is important to keep in mind that you will not experience much failure in networking or learning, so it may be that a specialized institution will develop better in a small group.
Based on his own experience, Tamán Autumn suggests: - If children with Asperger's syndrome receive appropriate education, this can prevent many of the later problems. If we manage to compensate for their social hardships, adulthood will be less strange to individuals, and more likely to integrate more easily. The higher your IQ and the earlier your speech and language are used, the better your chances are. The human brain is extremely flexible and educational, and so are sansans that a clever autistic child learns through what he or she knows instinctively through "scientific" methods. Good children often realize that they are others, and it is important for them to be aware that everyone has special qualities, and in these cases they have brain function.
In the near future, the name Asperger's syndrome will disappear, and anyone affected will be diagnosed with the "autistic spectrum condition". This is because, due to the variety and severity of the symptoms, it is extremely difficult to determine where the Aspergerian group ends and where autism begins, based on the Scala.

Early warning signs

Diagnosis can be made as early as two years of age. In particular, you may be suspicious if you experience the following in your child:
  • he doesn't see what we show him,
  • no warm, frightened expression on the eyes,
  • does not share the reward, the penance,
  • not responding to his name,
  • not pointing at objects,
  • do not play like a game (for example, do not call the banana),
  • unusual voice portability,
  • makes repetitive movements (flying hands, swinging back and forth),
  • linguistic development has begun, but loses its words.

Where should I be diagnosed?

Zoo Garden and Special Chamber, 1021 Budapest, Liputmezei уt 1-5.
Autism Foundation Ambulance 1089 Budapest, Delej u. 21st
International Cseperedх Foundation, 1136 Budapest, Tбtra u. 28th
Heim Pбl Children's Hospital Children's and Serdolypsy Psychiatric Department, 1086 Ьllхi ъt 86, and Delej u. 9-11.

What are the benefits of the diagnosis?

prolonged childbirth until the child's hot age
raised family boots
public health support
travel discounts (BKK, MБV, Volbn)
baby meal discount