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Will premature babies find it harder to fall in love?

Will premature babies find it harder to fall in love?

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Romantic relationships are more difficult for adults who have come to prematurity (before the 37th week of pregnancy), a major study found.

There is much less chance of having a romantic relationship, cheating, or generally having sex with someone who has come of age. Those born before the 37th week of pregnancy are 28 percent less likely to be born and the earlier they are, the greater the risk of losing their relationship and family. In addition, premature babies are at least twice as likely to have sexual intercourse.Is it even harder for premature babies? In a study published on the JAMA Network Open Internet Portal, 4.4 million adults were analyzed by researchers at the University of Warwick Psychologist. Surprisingly, in the background of the phenomenon are non-physical developmental abnormalities (which, unfortunately, are far more likely for premature babies). "While it is true that premature babies often have long-standing health problems, our findings do not affect how successful they are in romantic relationships," he said. dr. Marina Goulart de Mendonca, one of the authors of the study. "However, the koraszьlцttek harder barбtkoznak, fйlйnkebbek, visszahъzуdуbbak, ritkбbban in rйszt the kцzцs programs. Jellemzх That you have already gyermekkйnt also rбjuk, that is more difficult to sajбtнtjбk in szьksйges the pбrkapcsolatok kialakнtбsбhoz szociбlis kйpessйgeket." However, it is also kiderьlt to bбr slightly ritkбbban sikerьl kialakнtania this link for someone who was premature, the quality of the connections does not deteriorate at allthat is, they can be as happy as their time-born counterparts! "Caring for and educating premature babies and children should be more attentive to building intimate relationships, to learn the social skills they will need as an adult, which can help them find a partner, start a family, and have a good relationship. Dieter Wolke professor, co-author of the study (via)You may also be interested in:
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