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If you have to say goodbye to the baby

If you have to say goodbye to the baby

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It is very difficult to face the fact that our newborn baby is sick or to die before she becomes pregnant. Say goodbye to it, cease it, appear in the procedure that puts an end to our pregnancy - a serious emotional burden.

If you have to say goodbye to the babyDola is a trained person who can provide emotional and physical support to a baby before, during and after birth. She guides the baby to the right specialist when needed and listens to her concerns, provides advice, is present both parenting and childbearing, but does not perform medical tasks. However, it may happen that an unexpected turn occurs during a pregnancy, but the mother does not remain alone even if she knows who to look for: who helps them in this loser, with a physical presence in the hospital, just the phone at the other end. Interview with Zsanett Szalai Hospice.What does a hospicedъla do?Hospitality appears in the family life when something does not turn out in a quirky way. During a dead pregnancy, abortion, or when you know the baby will be born with some kind of developmental disorder. This requires a mental make-up and, well, if the helper is aware of the healing process, or has his own processed healing, not necessarily because of the loss of a child. They have helped me, but this is not the most widespread form of help in such a life situation: perinatal counselors, obstetricians, psychologists, protectors, healing practitioners are all but one.At this time, the mother does not have much time to prepare for an abnormal birth, an intervention. do you suddenly get a phone?Nowadays, they are most actively involved with the Baby Genetics Association, and they are in contact with families who are experiencing abnormalities through the twelfth week, that is, genetic ultrasound. It's about a week until the baby is lost, if the family decides so. This is when I get caught. In Hungary, it is not very common to recommend that the mother carry the sick baby. However, if one chooses to find the "Decide You Can't Fellowship" Association, they will help you to bring the baby home in a family lure from the church.What is your role in helping and what channel is there?Many times people search on Facebook, they rarely ask for my personal presence. It is also because many people are rural. They are not allowed into the hospital most of the time beside the mother (Based on health law and patient rights, more than one person could be present besides the parent woman, but one person is the most common, usually the father can go in - ed.).It is common for the mother to be alone during the intervention, and she cannot be a part of it while the instrumental aid is in progress - in this case, a request can be made to the chief medical officer in favor of the assistant. They helped me formulate it when needed, but it is very rare. I will tell you what is going to happen in the church, we will talk to you about your mother and your family. You'll get Nimi's handle to handle all this. It has many aspects because, for example, it is the grandmother who bears the worst of it. He always gave what he needed when he needed it. If it is called, then from there, if not, by other means. It's a sensitive, personalized job. The tendency is that we talk to the hospital and afterwards I don't look for it. From the feedback I know I'm very sorry, but my role is insane - I won't be the one you remember most. When I go to the church with my mother, the emphasis is then: if we were "successful," then the family can represent their own interests and desires. I'll always tell you before you say goodbye to the baby. I also recommend that you look at the baby, because it is not possible. Funeral groups often mention that they have not done so and that they have repented. Of course, these are just suggestions: I always make the family decision, and I respect that.An American mom told me in a forum that there was a white lipstick on the front door when she was inside. They signaled to the outsiders that they were expecting a dead baby. How is the baby being treated at home?Very often it happens that the staff is not prepared for this. when prepared, therefore, the baby is stillborn, irrespective of whether it occurred unexpectedly, to the baby immediately, preferably in a kidney. And rarely show my mother. I always ask my mom when I'm there: goodbye, you want to see her? Because if you want, you have the ability. Because of the lack of preparedness, these sensitive moments are also characterized by rush, even though great things would not have to be done: their goodbye If we weren't afraid of the dead baby, if the attitude was different, it would be easier. This would require health staff to be educated, and even talking about fish at school rather than taboo.Did you mention their dads, who helped them in that time? They are also in this loss.The father is also a man. The mother is very close to the body, and the smaller the fetus, the less it is possible to feel a father - often not traumatic for them. Many times, yes. There is a father who joins the aforementioned groups of mourners with his mother. This is completely the same as the kind of help you require.What are you charging for?I can eliminate the feelings of my work by myself, regardless of the fact that Facebook chat is whispering in the game. For me, EMK (Non-Violent Communication) is a good tool for me to fix myself from time to time. But I do exercise for regeneration, I use music therapy, and I go into super-supervision (a developmental mental health method, which is indispensable for the assisting professions as well).What advice do you have for those who could not say goodbye to their baby in the past and were stuck in the funeral?Seek out a healing group or custom healing specialist at the Eclipse Association because it is important for them to be picked up. There is also a angel bean Facebook group. The most important thing is to help people get involved with themselves, especially if they want a baby. The source of this article is Maternity Magazine. You can subscribe to the site online.
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