That's why it's important for the mothers to sleep more!

That's why it's important for the mothers to sleep more!

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We are well aware that maternity comes with much less sleep than before, and that one of the biggest problems for new parents is lack of sleep. However, it is important to list your sleep first in that particular list. We'll tell you why.

Even though there is a lot of research on the negative effects of sleep deprivation, in some cases there is almost competition between mothers who leans out with less sleep. Everything is more important than rest, and we still work when we can relax. In fact, we are guilty if we go to bed for a while, or if we choose to go to bed early instead of eating / going out to party / cuddling. Of course, there are situations where sleep deprivation is not our decision, for example, when we nurse a sick little child all night long, but we often choose to do something else instead of sleeping. However, when Mom is rested, the whole family is calmer and everything goes smoothly. Let's see why you should make sleep a priority.It's important for the mom to relax, too

The mother sleeps less than the father

Of course, men can influence sleep when they are born, but to a much smaller extent than women. Research has shown that mothers sleep much less than fathers, and their quality of sleep is worse (for example, they sleep better and wake up several times later). Not to mention, many women just aren't able to relax due to their couple.

Women sleep in a different rhythm than men

It should not be forgotten that women's sleep is influenced not only by the environment, for example their daily activities, but also by the hormonal cycle. Our sleep requirements and quality of sleep differ, depending on where we are in our cycle. Often, at the end of the cycle, that is, before menstruation comes, we are much tighter and, as a result, we fall asleep. That's right it is not worth adjusting to the sleeping rhythm of our couple, it is more important to listen to our own body, even if it means that we are sleeping two hours earlier than he.

We will not become more efficient

Many consider a nasty, time-consuming "task" to be asleep, an umbrella whenever we lie, rather than having a whole bunch of things done. We work instead of sleep, do our homework, shop on the internet ... We might try to catch up a little bit each night, but in the long run, our efficiency is not at all useful for sleep deprivation. When we are rested, we can do more in less time, concentrate better, not to mention the effects on balance and our health.

Sleep deprivation endangers our health

Countless studies have dealt with the effects of sleep on our health. They have been linked, for example, to insomnia and the development of diabetes, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Not to mention that there is an untimely drop in reaction time and, as a result, the likelihood of mid-term accidents is also high (via)You may also be interested in:
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