More, more fresh milk

More, more fresh milk

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We are changing the Human Resources Ministry's decree decree, and the change plans include, among other things, giving more fresh milk to children.

More fresh milk would be given to the children at the party

Katalin Novák, the Secretary of State for Family Affairs, Youth and International Affairs of the Ministry of Human Resources, recalled that a regulation was introduced in September last year, which aims to increase the number of children. We wanted to count the unhealthy ingredients and artificial sweeteners, and the excessive use of sugar and sugar, but we wanted the food to continue to fit in with the Hungarian taste, he added. they were watching for feedback of the regulation, this has resulted in some points now we are changing the law.It was touched I often complained about too little cooking put in the food. For older age groups, we have only gradually reduced the content, but now this graduation has been extended to younger, so one to three and to six-year-olds, he said. yes, so that the value of your health stays below your health limits. The nature of the planned change is to make dropping less drastic - he noted. Another important element of the change is that they want more fresh milk for children. He added that it is also aimed at giving older people over the age of three a higher-fat, "natural" milk. Catherine Novбk cбfolta the sajtуban olvashatу vйlekedйst that the tejtermйkekre vonatkozу elхнrбsok mуdosнtбsa kцzvetlenьl nцveli the йtkeztetйs kцltsйgeit.Az бllamtitkбr called it the third most important vбltozбsnak to mйg tovбbb szigorнtanбk all korosztбly esetйben tiltanбk the mestersйges йdesнtхszerek hasznбlatбt.A designed to mуdosнtбsokat mйg It will be brought to life in the autumn - Katalin Novбk.