What can a child be anxious about?

What can a child be anxious about?

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Internal hormonal deficiencies can make a child more anxious, a recent study found.

According to the research Igf2 is called growth hormone deficiency the developing fetus will be more prone to anxiety and adult behavior stress - MTI reports from a study published in Nature Communications. Previous research has shown that weight loss and stress reduce the amount of Igf2. Research from Cambridge and Cardiff University suggests that their results help explain why some people feel worse about stress and anxiety than others.

Anxiety, stress - you have to keep an eye on it even in fetal age!

The study looked at mice that could not produce enough Igf2 hormone during pregnancy. This compound controls fetal growth by providing nutrient uptake from the bed. These rodents were insecure on nutrient supply to the hide and affected the behavior of the offspring. Scientists have discovered that the puppies of such cats were much more anxious about labyrinth tests and when they were placed in a new environment.