Baby in a boxFinland example

Baby in a boxFinland example

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There are always a lot of Finnish newborns in cardboard boxes, or the first thing they get is 75 years of getting a pregnant Finnish baby box from the state. Not blank.

The tradition to the end of the 1930s - says MTI. The purpose of the "boxing" was to ensure that poor Finnish children born to poverty were not deprived of basic things. Since 1949, the state baby aid package has been available to all Finnish infants. Over time, more and more useful items have been added to it, including currently sleeping pads, kittens, outdoor clothes, diapers, bathing items, toys, and a small mattress. Because of this, the box is a great litter and many moms use it nowadays. The clothes are neutral in color, so they can wear on the skin and on the belly.
The box its content is not only enrichedbut has also become poorer over time. For example, the baby bottle and pacifier disappeared to encourage the mother to breastfeed. The disposable diapers were only there for a while, and then, for environmental reasons, the traditional washable diaper returned.
THE little kids can choose: either pick the package or replace it with 140 euros (40,000 forints). 95 of them vote for the box, but only because its content outweighs the proposed alternative. The donation and the useful package also encourage women to undergo medical check-ups: one or the other can only be obtained if they become pregnant the first time they receive a medical examination.
In Finland, child mortality was extremely high in the 1930s, with 65 deaths per thousand babies. Today one of the best shows in the world is Finnish. Many people think that the box also played a role - the BBC commented.