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We are still there, we are coming to the very end of the summer, but soon we will be in the immediate reach of September 1, and thus to the start of school, kindergarten and worship. Now we're going to show the parents of the school some fun backpacks!

My little monkey on the psk

I suppose only the first ones can still be "bribed" by such a monkey spike, a little bit less than an unscathed cyclin. Unfortunately, your size may not be suitable for a lot of carry-ons, but back in the first year, it's a pretty good piece anyway, that's a good thing.

Girls have many flowers

Budmil is an old, trusted brand in the market. Babies can be safely removed from the foot with a purple or pinkish-flowered spike. You can also choose a matching gym suit.

Have fun, boys

I found this bag of friends - Schneiders Walker - in a forum where I was very praised and I fell in love with a couple of pieces. When it comes to fashion and accessories, boys are usually backed up. There are also 85 percent girls 'dresses and 15 percent boys' dresses in the children's classrooms. Igazsбgtalansбg! I recommend these two fun, practical balls to the boys. Nothing cute, nothing complicated, just two caracas bags!

More flowers

Unfortunately, this brand is not available at home, but it has a wonderful design. Of course, I know you are in the "good way to buy" category, and I know your penny is too small, but it's a bit worth making!