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Children are much smarter than they ever thought they were

Children are much smarter than they ever thought they were

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Years ago, before a toddler could pronounce names, he might have an idea of ​​what counting means, according to the latest American research.

Children are much smarter than they ever thought (Photo: iStock) According to a recent study by Johns Hopkins University, when children are still years old, they understand the importance of names, and they realize. - Let's look again at the fact that babies have a good understanding of the world around them, try to interpret what adults say, so do the numbers and numbers - said Lisa Feigenson, the lead author of the study at Johns Hopkins University, for c all the numbers, but according to Feigenson, if we lose their accounting books to the toddlers aloud, then the question arises: they really have no idea about the numbers until they are four years old? Together with the research team, they worked with small children aged 14-18 months: the researchers hid toys, minivans or plush dogs in a box that the children couldn't see, but watched them hide. It was that when they dropped it into the box, the researchers shouted each game out loud, "listen, one, two, three, so puppy." And sometimes, just one by one, we put the toys in the box and said, "this, this, this and this - these dogs. When the researchers didn't count, little kids barely remembered that stuff came into the box and if the researcher brought out a game, as if the others weren't there.But when the researchers counted on the games, the kids clearly expected to bring something new and new out of the box. Although they did not mention the exact quantities, only that there was a lot of ghost games in the hideout. - It was a big surprise to see that the number of games was much better remembered before we counted them. Our results showed for the first time that even very young children have an idea of ​​how much people can account for when they count, the researcher said. The research team is now conducting a number of further investigations into whether early accounting practice leads to better numeracy skills and whether English-speaking toddlers respond when heard in a foreign language.Related links:


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