Have a nice one too! Donate at Christmas!

Have a nice one too! Donate at Christmas!

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Remember the "story" of the Hét krajcбr cнmы? Unfortunately for many, it is not fair to tell the last garage owner to search the apartment. Many families do not get Christmas presents under the tree - if there is any tree at all. And some don't have dinner. You can help them too. It's that simple!

Invite them to dinner!

The kids in Boudvalenke are happy,
that they can live in such a beautiful place,
but unfortunately for food and warm clothes
does not get many family members.

In Boudvalenken there are mainly families with multiple disadvantages. His ailing year with the help of the Fresco-Falu project, initiated by Eszter Pastor, seemed to outweigh the impossible. They called for painters to admire beautiful murals on the walls of the houses, to organize summer festivals and to create a creative room. Unfortunately, the boom in tourism does not give healing to the wounds of the inhabitants there.
Esther wrote the following: "Christmas is coming and it is over and there will be nothing to eat. You don't want to invite Tosuies, Albert and the wife, Rita Victor and - last night - 10 kids, and the rest of them have a dinner. , we make a profit too - but if you can help by donating the money for dinner to the Reformed Charity Service of Hungary 10702019-85008898-51100005, , in your mind Viktor will be with you, who will gnaw on his mother's celebratory chef, and Margaret, who will surely tell a verse about Jesus before he starts, and Gusti and Evelin, who have not believed this time, and you can thank them for coming to an end and they will have a holiday too ... Sorry if I went to watch but Thank you, help! "
You don't even have to raise a machine to hand over a baby!

Warm clothes without ...

Three sons well knows what
cumulative disadvantages are difficult
for children to get out of poverty.

The Bohuscs are coming to the countryside with their Lyric Born performances to show their children who are in need, laugh! Because they have experienced the difficult conditions they have to live in, they have organized donation campaigns to make children (Tomor, Lak, Silk, Mountain, Mountain, Vácsi) fit for a decent, warm life.
The clowns ask every donation: "Only bring clean and good things that can be useful, of course, but okay! Up to 14 years old or shoes 30-33.
Collection time: November 10 - December 10, 2012 evening

Inquiry about shoe box

The least shoe box
for teenagers.
Think about it!

Once upon a time there was ... Once upon a time, an English grandmother who, seeing your illustrious posture and feeling the horror of a child, wrapped her gift in a shoe box and sent it to a child. He could not have guessed that simple but noble deeds would be followed by thousands, millions, and the love enclosed in the shoe box would develop into boundaries, ages, lifestyles, and movements.
About a decade ago, the Shoe Box Promotion has sold our country, and even children from Western Europe received packages for Christmas - the Baptist Charity Service - for children in need. And in 2004, charity service launched the first outstanding action in our country. The "baby" and "baby" labels were born, and the motto of the tens of thousands of children was Christmas. It seemed like an unimaginable dream then ... Today, there are almost 25,000 boxes under the needy Christmas tree. You can submit your shoe box as soon as possible. Details at

You can go to the Christmas party and participate in great programs!

Party and donation

Perhaps the biggest donor of gifts is the Santa Claus, which is designed to help large families living in poverty, so many children, no matter who or what they starve. The Christmas Tree, which is gaining in popularity from year to year, raised donations worth more than half a billion forints in 2011, helping 257,000 people in need in Hungary. The Hungarian Post offers the opportunity to help the needy even with the smallest locals living on holiday. Donors can submit their donations to Santa Clauses by any mail between December 1 and December 21, 2012, from where they are delivered to the Hungarian Red Cross. Donations are accepted free of charge in all post offices in the country. The boxes must be printed in block capitals: MICHAEL BABY. Maintain food, cleaning and cleaning supplies, toys, and blood donations.
During the donation period, Santa Claus is open in Budapest for the Fifty-Six, with concerts, events and more every day.


Blamy cared for children
His messages are on the honeysuckle.

You can find Christmas trees in Bagatellini and Villa Bagatelle, which are decorated with honeysuckle hearts. Every word is the name of a state cared for child, of age, and of Christmas. Customers can scrap a word, obtain it, pack it, and submit a gift at Villa Bagatelle. The donations reach children in need through the Mesotherapy Center and the Seedling Foundation. Heartburn Christmas is waiting for December 13th!