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They are studying special twin partners in England

They are studying special twin partners in England

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By the time they were in their fetus, they knew that they had special twins, they were in the midwest, but the sexes were different.

Gemini, in principle, can be two-sided: they are the same when they are the same sex and they are the same as the siblings. This is usually the case, but there are very rare and special cases, such as the English twin couple: "other" twins.
Today, twins who were born in England and have become pregnant during pregnancy have been discovered to be something special: the first ultrasound revealed that the mother had been born to the same twins, since they had a baby. However, the following examination revealed that the sex of the fetuses was different, one baby, the other boy. This, in turn, is only possible with duplicous twins, since unipolar twins are genetically completely identical, says Index.Special twin pair. the "twin" twins
These were followed by a more in-depth genetic examination, which found that special fetal development was occurring. In the case of identical twins, an oocyte is fertilized by a human germ cell and then the zygote is doubled, giving the same sex and genetically identical twins. In the case of twin twins, two male germ cells meet two ovum cells, meaning two genetically different fetuses that are similar to each other as normal siblings. In this case in England, however, it happened that two human germ cells produced the same egg. The mother was genetically identical, but the father began to develop two distinct zygotes.
One fetus became a girl because she had more XX sex chromosomes, the other one had more XYs, and became a thousand little boys. At the same time, gender uncertainty is less powerful due to dual fertilization. Science knows one similar case: in 2007, an "other" twin couple was born in the US. There, one of the babies developed hermaphroditism because of the genderlessness of sexuality.
In the case of England, this did not happen, but the disorder had serious health consequences: health.
Children are now grown up and well. According to the researchers, "intermediate" twin pregnancy is so rare that it is not worth routinely screening during pregnancy.
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