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That's why you want to read to the kid

That's why you want to read to the kid

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Even small children should read regularly, as practitioners believe that it improves their social skills and attention, and that they can gain benefits that also improve their school performance.

Not only can reading a fairy tale or role play be a great activity for parents and children, but it is very effective, for example attention and social skills development, and aggressive reduction, according to a recent published study. "Reading is definitely a good job, but its developer power is especially true when we pick up stories that are of interest to children and important topics. think about these, like what can be used to bring these feelings to life, "says dr. Alan Mendelsohn American Children's Crib, one of the leading authors of the recently published study.She wants to read regularly with the child Mendelsohn and colleagues enrolled a total of 675 families, from childbirth to 3 years. During regular pediatric examinations, the family made video recordings of the family as parents read or played with their children. The footage was analyzed by smaller professionals and parents were briefed on the important role they play in early childhood education. So I found that the positive effects observed in children during the study, even after one year, were retained after completion of the study..Dr. Jefry Biehler, Children's Head of Children's Hospital, Nicklaus Children's Hospital of Florida, says these results confirm the earlier notion that public reading has a long-term impact on children's development, as well as what our school performance will be. However, the practitioner also points out that parents do not spend as much time with their children (for example, reading a fairy tale) as they did with a few generations earlier.For research results, see Pediatrics.You may also be interested in:


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