You can decide what your favorite food will be when you are a fetus

You can decide what your favorite food will be when you are a fetus

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It is in the womb that we decide what foods we like. The reason is evolutionary, and the influencing factor is the mother's diet.

At fetal age you decide what our favorite food isSurprisingly early in the fetus, in the womb, she decides what to prefer - she tells hvg.hu based on the results of a research. Emma Beckett йs Zoe Yates, a study by researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom appeared in the World Economic Forum. Mothers' varied or just uninterrupted nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding is related to the child's less intent to nurture new meals, and how they prefer to eat. adult water.Fetal water, and later breast milk, passes on to the child the tastes that the mother consumes, and the familiar tastes are favored by the children. which the mother consumed during her breastfeeding.
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