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Telecommuting can be dangerous

Telecommuting can be dangerous

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In front of you is an Excel spreadsheet, the kid is whistling on the toe and you feel the smoke seep under your kitchen door. Ismerхs? Bнrod?

Fellow at the Renssealer Institute of Technology in Troy, New York, Timothy Golden a study involving teleworkers employed by large IT companies. Each of the 316 participants had to fill in a questionnaire. The questions included whether their home duties disturbed them at work, stress caused by housework, made it difficult for them to concentrate on their duties, and the tension caused by their work.
According to his results, those who worked in conflict between official and family expectations became much more exhausted by the end of the day than those who had made a clear line between the two.
However, a study published in the online edition of the Journal of Business and Psychology found no significant difference in terms of fatigue between those working in traditional working hours and those who took part in working days: Telegraph from British British Internet Edition.

Are you home? Rбйrsz!

Due to the widespread use of the Internet, the number of people working in the UK is increasing significantly. In addition, companies strive to provide greater flexibility for their employees, as well as the number of self-employed people who work in their own private rooms or in the garden.

Telecommuting from home - Did you change your mind?

Mandy Garner, the editor of, who collated jobs and mothers, also stressed that home workers should take care to avoid the frustration.
"When you work from home, others, including your own family, tend to think that you have time to do all the housework," he explained.
Garner therefore advises teleworkers to establish a clear demarcation line between work and family. Try to create an isolated work environment for yourself - outside of the home - and, if your financial situation permits, also have your own telephone line.
"Some people use the method of getting up and doing a round-the-clock approach to preparing themselves for home work," he added.
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