The skin of the skin

The skin of the skin

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Nowadays, women are ravaged faster than they were seventy to thirty years ago. Unfortunately, the first hornbills appear in the twenties. In parallel, much less oily, acne-prone skin.

The skin of the skin

What are the Wrecks?

As the age progresses, the water and fat content of the skin decreases and the elastic fibers in the tissues relax. Traces of this process, the first wrinkles appear around the eyes. We also accelerate the natural aging of the skin if we cleanse our face poorly, nourish our skin properly, sleep, go to solarium (many times a week), breathe, diminish, our diet. They come to our faces, both outside and outside, and they leave a mark very soon.

What can we do?

First we go to a beautician who understands our skin type and makes suggestions for treatment. In good cases, this includes lifestyle changes and skin care at home. It is true for everyone that vitamin supplements, abundant fluid intake - especially water, herbs, fruits - can trigger cancer. As well as avoiding UV rays and lots of sleep!
Between two cosmetic treatments we can do it at home, too. It is quickly prepared by wrapping in a creamy milk wrap or blended with egg yolk and a few drops of olive oil.
Adding a Household drugs also have a stimulating effect skin, but are not a substitute for specialist hands and methods. Depending on the equipment you have in your beauty salon, you can choose between mechanical, mechanical, chemical and manual treatments. During mechanical treatment, fine granular material and some other machine is used to rub the top layer of the skin, which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed and penetrated deeper.
Chemical treatment involves the use of so-called face-lifting ampoules and creams, which are used to repair the elastic fibers of the skin. Machine treatment is followed by a cleansing, then a body-free ampoule massage followed by ultrasound treatment. Face-lifting treatment exercises the muscles under the facial wrinkles.
Conventional hand-massaging is perfectly suited to modern skin care, but it is most effective when all the treatment options are utilized. Once a year, it is worth conducting a cortical insect repellent, which means six to eight treatments per week.

Makeup doesn't bother, it just covers

"Good makeup covers the tiny blemishes of the face, but hardly any untreated wrinkles. I work a lot with models, and I regularly see how untreated pre-makeup treatments make my job easier. just makeup"- Zita Sipos tells about her experiences.

When to face the wreckage?

Of course, it is too early to fight in puberty, and in the early twenties it is usually perfect for a light hydrating cream that is applied in the morning and evening in a thin, cleansed face. But towards the age of thirty, it doesn't hurt to have everyone submit to a professional treatment. It is advisable to switch to a blemish-free face cream for the night.

Baby, pay attention! Happiness is young!

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, many people experience that the skin turns blossomy and has fewer problems than before. During pregnancy, the skin is generally non-dehydrated and does not become wrinkled. Other problems, of course, can be temporary, such as liver or pregnancy acne.
After the baby is finished, however, breastfeeding should be followed by regular treatment, but of course the mom will try to get to the least beautician. However, if you spend a lot of time with the baby in the open air and are able to sleep well (even if you don't have to sleep with the baby at night), you only need a good face cream and a good face mask. Fortunately, happiness itself goes beyond the most expensive cosmetic treatments.
Expert: Zita Sipos cosmetologist
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