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When and how to put the baby in the stomach?

When and how to put the baby in the stomach?

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Why is it important to have a baby on a regular basis? Because "gymnastics" lying on your stomach are indispensable for movement and muscle strengthening.

Even small babies are not able to turn around alone; However, it is important to have a stomach because lying on the stomach is indispensable for movement development. Lying flat
  • Strengthen the muscles of the neck, back, body
  • they also exercise muscles that are less commonly used
  • "Prepare" your body for important movements such as rotation, uplifting, finishing and working out
  • can also help cognitive development so that they can view the world from another perspective
In addition, lying on the stomach also has positive health effects, such as relieving stomach pain, excessive gas, and preventing self. flat head syndrome (plagiocephalus).

When and how to put the baby on the belly?

There is no perfect recipe for when to start putting your baby on the belly, but professionals (like the American Pediatricians' Association) suggest that getting started sooner is better: but it is extremely important that the baby should only be placed on the abdomen and awake! It is better to anesthetize on the back of the stomach because lying on the stomach may increase the risk of sudden infant (SIDS).It is important that you regularly lay your baby on your belly Don't be surprised if your little one is not enthusiastic about the New Position, or may react with some bitter urgency! They also have to get used to the situation, which can take longer or shorter. It's best to start with 1-2 minutes (or shorter time), and gradually increase the amount of time spent in the stomach. More important is regularity, that is, doing it a little more than once a day. We can leave 3-4 month old babies up to half way, and you will probably enjoy playing and playing.

Practical tips

  • Lay the baby on a comfortable, secure and soft surface. You can put it on the floor, for example, on a larger folded blanket.
  • It can help a lot to love your belly lying by putting a little on your stomach or chest. So, lifting your head, you see your face, your smile! It is at least as interesting and exciting to him as the games.
  • A little bigger doll can be motivated by toys, interesting things: put it close to you, but not too close to having to "stretch" to get it. A colorful, soft animal, a beak can arouse your interest, especially if you move it in front of it.
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