Suspicion of this silence, where is the child?

Once you've made your first uncertain steps, you can search for it more and more frequently in your home. If you are suspected of having a big bankruptcy, you must have ended up at your favorite spot. Of course they don't play their games!

Mom right now

Fifteen is fifteen Rudi she follows her mother all day, most of all she does what she does. She is a bit crazy about cooking, cleaning, cooking, because you have to pay attention to the baby walking around the foot. Rudi, however, enjoys being able to work together. This is the best game to see how many interesting things adults do all day! For example, the dishwasher door is open and you can also look out for the warm, sparkling, colorful dishes… fragrant… what can they look like?

In the hall

Hello, baby ... Are you calling again? Mom's outstretched cell phone, socks, fashionable cuddling, and a bunch of laughs are in the bottom. This is the annual Zita treasure chest, loves to pack up, and looks like she's a real woman because she loves to phone. True, there are only a few meaningful sad remarks to say, but in the tune of the gospel, you may know your mother.

Before the hi-fi

Spin, fuck, sizzle! The fire is late Dan only about four times roamed the apartment, but some exciting things have already been discovered. The most interesting public is the hi-fi. If you do turn it on, and if you do, it will turn the scanner knob over. Why did he get this nervous noise? Mom is amazed. However, it is an enormous opportunity for a child to experience the result of his or her actions so audibly. That's what I'm doing, you hear, Mom?

Your daddy's amongst his stuff

If they are not picked up in time, Luca he removes his staff's bookshelf and bookshelf, unloads his sleeve and boys. Being one of the oldest in the world is something that is often boring at school. If you do not gain access to the forbidden science, you will entertain your own books as well. He flips and browses them for a long time - sooner or later all will be out on the ground.