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4 Breast Cancer Mom's Cuddly Mom's Warm Cure and Life!

4 Breast Cancer Mom's Cuddly Mom's Warm Cure and Life!

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After reading this article, you are rightly asked: What are we waiting for? Why do we divorce a baby from her mother? Why don't we make him belong? Your life may depend on it!

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A couple of months ago, the little Finley Anderson came to the press. The condition of a barely half-born baby, born by the 25th week of pregnancy, has turned to life for the second day. The baby doctor warned the parents to say goodbye to the baby, as there was nothing to do. But as her mother grasped her, the baby grew more and more, and when she was a little tired, she was completely restored to oxygen. The doctors spread their hands, not knowing what caused the miraculous healing. The parents say, "You only needed one hug!" He was set by his father and he was right.

Stay in the ambulance

Fortunately, other doctors are more knowledgeable. So much so that in the United States, among others, in the city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, premature babies are not transported to the premature intensive center in an incubator, but in a special vehicle. So the baby's life functions are better than in the incubator, and neither does the mother feel that there is no need for it except for doctors, instruments and science.

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"Early infants are extremely demented. Their condition can worsen in the long run. their brains are very demented, squamous, puppies can cause cerebral hemorrhages. - The Rescue Parent Course website says.

Feeling awkward

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Premature babies, as well as babies born with a baby, always have a positive effect on their mother's body height, not just during delivery. This has been recognized for several decades, unfortunately in Hungary the kangaroo method was only used rarely. In the Honkhurdur BEC Perinatal Intensive Center, every baby who is allowed to be in her mother's or dad's chest is filled with half a day every day. During kangarooing, oxygenation is better, your heart rate and pulse are smoother, and your blood sugar levels are better. On average, kangaroo beans can go home one week sooner than those who were cared for only in the incubator. There is no age or weight limit for kangaroo application. Even the tiniest babies can get to their mother.

After Chassar? Termйszetesen!

At the Vivantes Humboldt Clinic in Berlin, the baby is recently placed next to her mother after a cesarean section. This does not cause any backlash in the bar, but has huge benefits. Even skeptics are convinced by the experience they have gained. Dr. Andre D. Ebert According to Professor, newborn babies are less likely to adapt, mothers need less pain relief in their baby beds, and breastfeeding problems are reduced by half.
Here you can see how they make babies breastfeeding, and in fact, it is also possible not to choose a newborn baby from the mother.

Isn't that complicated !?


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