When I first classify the baby

When I first classify the baby

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What does the Apgar number mean for the city hall?

First examinations after birth

This data shows how your baby started in life, what condition was your birth in the first minute of your birthor five minutes later. Then they observe twice, consecutively, the value of the newborn New Life by 0, 1, or 2 points, and add these points so that at best, it can be 10/10 for this vigor indicator.The slightly lower number one before the second 10 indicates that the bar may have worn the newborn, then recovered quickly and adapted well to the outside conditions. With values ​​lower than 8, the baby's condition required medical observation or some intervention after childbirth. Virginia Apgar named after American anesthesia, but literally summarizes the five life phenomena that you observe:THE - face and body color. If your skin is pink, you get 2 points for the newborn, limbs or even the entire body or paleness indicate poor circulation.
P - heart rate. A healthy Newborn has 100 beats per minute.
G - grimace. Reflexes are controlled by a soft probe inserted into the nasal cavity. Yeah, if you are holy or cuddly for the newborn, at least a grimace appears on your face.
THE - activity. In a good case, the baby is not helpless at all! It bends its limbs vigorously, holding your fingers up to your own weight and is able to locate your nipple.
R - Respiratory. After birth, breathing begins with air flowing into the lungs. A sign of this is informing you dr. Anna Cserbбk neonatologist, pediatric anesthesiologist and intensive care physician.More articles in this topic:
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