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Overwhelming, childhood obesity is becoming more common

Overwhelming, childhood obesity is becoming more common

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We love to stuff the kids. The rock is considered to be the most beautiful of babies, and the heart of every parent is at ease when their seedlings eat to the last bite they put in front. After years, it seems as if we were a little over the target!

The hips served a great deal for our ancestors. In times of scarcity, when food was scarce, those who stocked themselves abundantly did best. Our organization still works in the same way, with the exception that we do not need to be afraid of it in good time. Even though in the ancients, the fat stores were just running out of resources, in developed countries, obesity has become mild. Let's see how a great kitten's career begins!

Where is the balance in nutrition?

First off, chubby, so slim

- at least this is the case with the majority of baby suckling on demand. Scientific studies have shown that babies who are breast-fed at six months of age are significantly less likely to be pregnant at school than those who received formula milk. This fхkйnt breast milk ideбlis цsszetйtelйnek kцszцnhetх, which provides a very fast megduplбzбsig (akбr monthly mбsfйl kilуt also elйrх) йs egйszsйges nцvekedйst the szьletйsi sъly lehetхvй, but kцrьl egyйves when you have already seen in the tбpszeres babбk sъlytцbblete: the same бtlagos testmagassбghoz nбluk tцbb kilу belong. Breastfeeding has a favorable influence on a number of metabolic processes, and therefore, these children have fewer cases of overweight, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The stone is beautiful?

In infants and young children, we also like to see the potty loops, the cape and the round tummy. We only think of spherical children that they are healthy, almost all adults are worried about being thinner. A parent or grandparent thinks that his or her child is eating or starving - even though the doctor still has no sign of this. According to pediatric hospitals, parents who are thought to be lean by parents are much less likely to be ill than their more fleshy ones. But the doctor's opinion is mostly not convincing. Therefore, lean children usually have to go through terrible patience: they permanently do the most sophisticated tricks. Extravaganza fights off into play and sounds strangely sound, paving the ground for the next appearance and poor eating habits.

My need and your need

The child, even the smallest, is most often unmistakably signaled if he is hungry, and even if he does not ask for more. The adults want to help you decide if you have eaten enough. From tables, you can see if you eat as many cookers as you should according to your age, drink as many as you think healthy, eat or drink when science thinks it is right. They live in the guise of not believing in the child, and they make an Urian mistake: don't let babies and toddlers develop healthy eating habits. Instead, try to fit it into a set of norms.
It's a trap if we scold the kid while he eats what we put in front. Why should you eat everything? It is also a trap to allow anything to eat in the fear of not eating anything. This is how a baby who is starving will become a crumb, a croissant, a biscuit, a chocolate and a sugar candy, really malnourished, and with a great deal of weight ".
You refuse to eat anything other than chips and ketchup cooked pasta - many parents complain. However, a small child will only get used to it if somebody has ever forgiven him. What's not included in the shopping cart will not be required for a while at home by the little one.
Consideration should be given to the fact that the eating habits of the early childhood will have a lesser influence on what foods will be your favorite foods. That is why it is very important to have healthy meals on the family table, not just the little ones who eat fruits, greens and brown bread, while the big ones eat all the food.

Don't make the point of focus!

Usually, the child in the family is not the first one to get pregnant. Most of the time, parents carry a significant excess weight. This depends in part on harsh factors, and in part on bad eating habits. If in the family you always seek the hell out of food for dinner - for example, the holiday is first and foremost the highlight of the six-course menu, if you have to cook for two or more days on a weekday, his thoughts are also much more common about eating.

From a spreading table and before Christmas

With a smart meal and a well-stocked table, you can make almost any meal you want. The culinary culture and rituals can help make breakfast, lunch, and dinner not the same as the big oatmeal when everyone is throwing themselves into the bottomless pots and eating until everything is done. It is important that family members should talk to each other, telling them at the spreading table with whom we had that day, so it's not just about the meal. It's completely different when you eat a whole family meal. Everyone hangs their eyes on the screen, but in the midst of it, they take food and swallow it down. From time to time another order goes to the housewife: I ask for a little something. And since they also want to lose their food, they slowly get away from food and drinks, such as coulis, chips, popcorn, toasts, cakes, biscuits. There are not many stone lovers who cheer on the raw kangaroo or cloth rings. What's the Bunch of Bad Eat Kids' Mom:
- When my little one sees me, I can always put one or two snacks in my mouth!
Certainly, we can be "thrilled" for success, as we have been instructed in the process of passive astonishment and (no) control without control. This is the opposite of what we started with: first slender, then fat.

During a meal

The other idea is to get the kid to get used to continuous nutrition. You get a baby bottle of cacao in your baby for a while, and let the baby sleep. After breakfast, he still has breakfast with his family, but he has not finished, and the Tuscany and the brunch is a constant refreshment. Because the child barely eats lunch after such preconceptions, he will soon become hungry again and again for a second. The lunch also includes a snack and then dinner, as it makes for a good night's sleep, and announces again that he wants to eat. You get a surprising result who counts how much food is sold in one day.

Intermediate weight loss

Of course, in children, it is not worth talking about diet because we cannot fast the developing body. The only long-term solution is to have whole families gradually switch from eating healthy foods and eating habits to making sure they are ready for the next year. A good solution is a public walk, an outing. If you carry other children with you, your child may not suffer as much as walking, climbing. The sooner you start, the better! Get on foot wherever you can. Time for exercise is over!

Weak tips

  • Offer high dietary fiber foods, such as raw greens, brown or semi-brown bread, and cereal flakes, for every meal.
  • Avoid using excess fats, do not sugarize anything.
  • Don't drink on the table or in the fridge. Give thirsty water, unsaturated fruit juice or at least half-chilled fruit juice.
  • Do not keep kits at home. Not only chocolate and candy, but also in-store fruit yoghurts and other sweetened dairy products that do not know the sweetened, aromatic, real fruit fruits.
  • Ask your relatives or acquaintances not to give you a gift. There are other ways to get fun, not just food.
  • In kindergarten, talk to parents to ensure that children have only fresh fruit and vegetables for every dinner and supper. If not, always change the daily dose to another parent.
  • Don't miss a day without exercise!

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