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Treat it when your child puts it in your face: I love you!

Treat it when your child puts it in your face: I love you!

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Like a lightning strike, it's the only thing that suddenly breaks into your breast when your child spits out of his or her mouth: I hate you.

How do you handle it when your child says that he or she has been given this short little baby, which immediately crippled his or her best interest? Shit what so sinful and humiliated that many do not dare to admit that they got it.It's important to understand that if a child says I hate you - or "hate" you, "I do not love you" - it should not be interpreted as a powerful antithesis of love. (Adult heads tend to be interpreted like that.) This shit is born out of much more frustration, frustration, and defiance when the child gets upset and loses control. - The kids, if I say I hate it really means we can't handle the situation and they don't have the ability to respond in a more mature way he explained Jeanne L. Williams psychologic. Because the dreaded expression comes from a small child or even a teenager, it also depends on what the child wants to express to him - And how the parent should react to it.

If the toddler says

Are you aware of a situation where you spend the dulletin with another toddler and mom at a playground where the kids are sharing their toys? Your child will fall in love with her little friend's baby and play with it all the time. When it comes to departure, you kindly try to ask the baby to return, and if that doesn't work out, you divert your attention, take the toy away, and put it in the stroller. can make you nervous. If your short supply is part of the "fools", it is written that In a situation like this, we have to deploy it. Toddlers, like a parrot, reject whatever they have heard, in a largely exaggerated state. Just as an appeal would spoil the mouth of so many older children, so would the "afterlife" It's worth treating it as if we haven't heard it. Closed like this. It is better not to go into the discussion, not to lose sight of it, and to call attention to it, because if you see it as a word that deserves attention, it will come back to you again and again.

If the baby says it

It's time to go to bed, when you ask the child to stop what he or she is doing, whether it be play, story-telling or whatever, put on his pajamas and go to sleep. Then you ask him again. Йs ъjra. If, after the third request, you do the same thing as someone who has never heard of you, you turn off the screen and lose the game. Are you successful in getting to sleep? No. instead a quarrel breaks out, and this baby falls out of the mouth of your baby and the child swims.Why does a kid like this tell me to hate you? Unlike toddlers, they understand the significance of this, and want to blame the parent a little, because of the interruption of their great occupation. What can you do? Be nice to the kid and tell him: But I love you. If we react negatively to this, the situation will only become more aggravated. If, on the other hand, the child receives a completely opposite reaction to what he / she expected, he / she does not expect to continue. This does not mean, however, that he / she will never try again. He'll try it for 5 years, 6 years or so, then he can scrape his bloody reaction, but luckily it will stop after a while if you don't get it. This is a learning process that is often overwhelming. As a child's linguistic abilities develop, and as he or she grows older, it is worth discussing these intense sensations. But it's a good idea to be careful too, as they can easily figure out that winning strategies to use after all to attract parental attention.

If the teenager says

Your 11-year-old girl was invited to a funeral party where all her little friends attend. But you are behind on housework and you know that if you stay up a lot, your mood will be very bad for the rest of the day, and you certainly won't waste time. That's why you don't let go of the piss party and hope you have the energy to do the next day. After switching to all stages of mourning because of a missed party, he runs into his room, slamming the door - but before he gives the lung another momentum, he adds that he is after.The adolescent is already fully aware of what this baby means. After he said I hate, he goes on to say what he is saying very often - and then, in the middle of the story, tell me what really upset him. It may sound like you never let me go out for fun or because you hate my friends. This gives context to the horror, which lets you know that this is not some kind of hatred, but rather anger over a certain thing. The best way to do this is to allow the child time to calm down and calm down. You can now talk to him about his parents' concerns and his point of view so that he can reach a compromise solution (VIA).Related links: