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What would a really hard father be looking for? They may not be frothy. It's more of a stand. What would you do for brutal running?

On June 16, the 7th kilometer BSI Brutal Race will be organized by the Budapest Sports Office, the heaviest running event to date. This event is not a traditional race, but rather a mix of a military training ground, an obstacle race and a race. The place is special by itself, a real, built motocross track with 14 hills, jumping in Nyírregyháza.
Participants start off in rough races on a predetermined route, part of which is on a motocross paddle, partly in a forest near him, on a field. You have to cross the rails on different obstacles for the runners: there will be swamp-ridden slopes, slopes, running in the sand, jumping in the middle of the ice, crossing the straw.
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