44 reasons why the three-year-old is believing

Every parent with small children has very rough days, but in 24 hours, 44 believe more than many, right? But what can a 3-year-old kid get so upset about?

If you know what 3 year olds are like, you might not be surprised by the list below. In fact, the author of has compiled the 44 things that her baby was able to believe in one day. He wanted to pick up a jolly guy (which, of course, was in the dirty one)
2. He turned his white in reverse
3. I accidentally started the wrong part of my favorite story
4. You didn't get your breakfast fast enough
5. He wanted to eat oatmeal, not cereal
6. I gave her the oatmeal in the wrong way. Abboul wanted to eat what he had prepared, a pristine breakfast
7. Magra made breakfast
8. She wanted to eat with a whiskey
9. I gave her a blanket blanket instead of a pink one
10. Just wanted to wear Elsa clothes instead of a jolly polo
11. It's not your birthday
12. He found the safety season funny
13. His bastard was in the car
14. The cat did not allow her tail to lift her
15. Couldn't unpack the muesli
16. I uncovered the muesli bar too much
17. The muesli bar is doubled
18. I designed Cinderella's clothes with bad blue
19. I was thinking about your imaginary friend
20. She shuffled her shoes, and put her left on her right foot
21. The story is over
22. I cut the sandwich into a triangle shape
23. I made the second sandwich square
24. I didn't allow you to play in the car
25. I recommend that you sleep a bit
26. He threw his cap down the street
27. I did not allow you to call
28. I sat on the wrong side of the couch
29. It started to rain
30. I had to cook dinner
31. His staff spoke to him
32. He spilled the water
33. I used the red turkey to refill the spilled water. I should have used pink
34. I didn't shower
35. I helped his staff do their homework
36. She lost her baby pink shoes
37. I asked her to take a bath
38. I asked her to get out of the bath
39. The tourist was uncomfortable for him
40. Her boyfriend picked up her pajamas sooner than she did
41. I was wrong in the fairy tale book
42. The macija has fallen off the boulevard
43. I did not stroke the chop properly
44. I can also remember the most horrific hysterical attack when I kiss, kiss, and say, I love you, Mom. This is what keeps everything going.Related articles in The Faith:
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