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Baby Paddleboard (X)

Baby Paddleboard (X)

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Every baby's baby knows exactly that bathing is one of the biggest benefits of the day, and it doesn't matter what "we put in" in the evening.

Luckily for you, the AVON Baby product line for baby and leather products has arrived, featuring a lightweight baby shampoo and baby bath that won't spoil the mood. You can also add more skill-building games to your bath. For example, by cooking bubbles and allowing your baby to puncture, we can effectively develop fine motor movement.


Our child's skin can be dried out by the dry air, strong or frosty winds, so that we do not even talk about rubbing. However, with AVON Baby Soothing Baby Oil, you can effectively moisturize the delicate skin. Each of these occasions also offers the possibility of a thorough massage, which effectively stimulates and soothes the small nervous system, further training and refreshing the developing baby. But you can also get rid of the cheap gas. Anyone who is more interested in the subject may be immersed in the mysteries of traditional Indian massage.


One of our couple's biggest chances is to become one of the biggest artists. In fact, if we play with the knot, making it even clearer can increase mental development. And to prevent diaper effects and irritations, there is an AVON Baby Zinc Oxide Anti-Vitamin A Cream Anti-Vitamin A, and an AVON Baby Wipe that can be used in everyday use.

Children's friendly ingredients

Baby skin is particularly sensitive, and therefore AVON Baby products are hypoallergenic and contain no paraben or coloring, while reducing aloe vera and chamomile extracts and diminishing inflammation. And their antioxidant and vitamin E content helps keep your baby healthy, and can be applied from the age of 6 months. And if you want practical accessories, you can find it in the collection, from baby boots and hoodies to baby diapers and baby booties.
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