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Possible causes of eye contact

Possible causes of eye contact

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One in three people is afflicted with eye contact, and is even more common in older women and women. There are many reasons for the backdrop, mitigating with eye drops, and changing environmental factors.

Possible causes of eye contactThe surface of the eyes, the buccal cavity and the cornea are lightly protected from dryness, a feature that is impaired when we talk about the eyes. Symptoms of eye contact a dry sensation, the eye redness And a szemfбradtsбg. In more severe cases, the eye can be distracting. The causes of eye irritation can be manifold, for example if the composition of the light is inadequate, if the light is too small, but also due to the side effects of drugs. persistent use of certain eye drops or anti-depressants may also develop on the eyelid. A lot of time spent before a computer or a lot of fatalities can contribute to the disease. It is recommended to interrupt your work every minute for at least 20 seconds from the count to a minimum of 20 seconds. However, contact lenses or autoimmune disease can also be an issue.Dr. Németh Jбnos the deputy director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Semmelweis University advises you to consult an eye dropper who will determine what is in the eye's eye. Eye drops that cure blood vessels by combining blood vessels should be used with caution, and you may become accustomed to these disorders.
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