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This is how our lives are influenced by the order of birth

This is how our lives are influenced by the order of birth

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What role does our place in the birth line play in the development of our personality? Our family's position prints the stamp on our lives in countless ways and basically determines our personality, our relationships.

Kevin Leman's Birth Order (s) - Our Personality's Birth Order in the Mirror Book looks at how the order of birth influences our personality.


As Leman says in his book, first-born children are leaders - often perfectionist leaders, but also one of the nicest and most helpful people. Never say no. You can always count on them if you have a heart. First-timers are more motivated and more performance-oriented, many are in the medical or legal field, but senior economists, accountants, senior officials, and senior officials are all qualified.


Leman believes that middle-aged children are almost the opposite of their older siblings and often seem to be neglected because all attention is directed to older and younger siblings.The Birth Order is Important You also know that you have people who can be mysterious - and often feel that they must be the creator of family peace. Medium-sized children can often feel like a family sandwich because they are not always looking and are not the smallest of the pinders.

The smallest

Leman says that most recently born children are real social and social, but they are the most irresponsible of all. They can be manipulative and kind, more relaxed in the eyes of their parents, these are the true gifts of God. They tend to be pampered, but then which little baby is not adorable?


The one is generally trustworthy, methodical, conscientious, and has a definite image of good and bad. Like first-timers, they are often performance-oriented, and for many, books are their best friends. They like to be independent and worth much more than their brothers.


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