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Some alsу have sex with some of the kids

Some alsу have sex with some of the kids

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While many people start having sex very early in life, sexual arousal is lacking. Young people talk to each other about sex rather than with their parents or teachers.

Early sexual life, lack of arousal

She lost her profession at 9 years old - it was the answer of one of the children in an anonymous survey conducted by the Department of Health in 2009 with the Ministry of Health, the "State of Tennessee."
Students aged 14-16 were interviewed about the quality of sex education and school sex education, position. Among the students, there were 1300 eighth grade students and 1986 tenth grade students. 846 teachers were also asked about their experience.
It turned out that the average age of first intercourse is 13.56 years for boys and 13.97 years for girls. They begin to contract much sooner (the average age is 11.5 years) and get to know one another's body. Respondents made their first sexual intercourse at 11-12 years of age. Three quarters of 15 year olds (mixed boys and girls) Gbbor Edina Director General of the OEFI, and dr. Simich Rita program coordinator.
20 percent of the boys in the eighth grade and 7 percent of the girls mention having had sexual intercourse. Among the tithes, this proportion is significantly increased, with 63 percent of boys and 56 percent of girls mentioning the Coitus tradition, while two-thirds of boys, half of girls, do not speak to anyone at all. We do not share your requests with your parents, teachers, or patrons or doctors, although we know that this age is characterized by an overwhelming amount of uncertainty and innumerable inquiries.
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Sexual Education - When Do We Start?

playback Many people start having sex very soon, they have very little knowledge contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infections, and their prevention methods. The level of knowledge needed to begin a sexual life can be said to be inadequate, regardless of gender, from age to age - researchers have been saddened by the fact that they may be in those institutions where they are.
According to the survey, the majority of young people avoid talking about sexuality because they are embarrassed to talk to their partner and friends when talking in late.

You know!

According to professionals sex education should start in the family at a very young age, at the speech level. For example, what is the name of the genitals and what is the value of it. This is followed by gender role modeling: since the child exemplifies what his / her parents do, how the man behaves. They also have to respond to their queries in a way that suits their own level, as this will help you dare to ask at older ages and, of course, name your body parts, experts - vocalists.
When asked what effect the first sexual relationship had started, most of the anonymous statements made me answer "I was in love". The second most common reason was that "it was a natural continuation of our relationship" and the third was that "I wanted to lose my virginity." In a small part, however, there were answers saying "I felt like I could just keep it", after drinking a drink, watching a porn movie or a lick, or because "others in my presence" started to love R kutatбsszervezх.
It also emerged from the survey that some educators do not like to talk about the topic, blush, and preach, they feel it is not their job to answer the young people's requests.
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