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Pocakragasztбs: нgy segнthet the Kinesio-tape during terhessйg

Pocakragasztбs: нgy segнthet the Kinesio-tape during terhessйg

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How can kinesio tape help a baby? We came up with the help of a specialist on what tummy tuck is and what it is worth trying.

Pocakragasztбs: нgy segнthet the Kinesio-tape during terhessйgMaternal tummy tuck is very few people in Hungary yet- Rigуnй Spring Piroska, a physiotherapist who is doing maternity manual therapy in addition to a maternity gym. Little Red Riding Hood also uses kinesiology tape technique, which she did in a special course.

But what exactly does the kinesio-tape technique mean?

Kinesio tape is a Japanese doctor-chiropractor, dr. Kenzo Kase was developed by someone who replaced the previously stiff ribbons and bandages used in the treatment of limbs with elastic cotton bands. The real breakthrough in his work was when it came to gluing these tapes to the skin. Dr. Kenzo Kase observed that this technique significantly accelerated the healing time of business and muscle problems, as the elastic band relieves the grieving businessthat it does not hinder its free movement.

What does kinesio tape help?

It is important to note that there is no drug in these tapes. These elastic, skin-friendly, air-tight and water-permeable tapes all do the job of mechanically lifting the skin into place at the gluing site, thus providing more space for blood and lymphatic circulation. Straps are used to stabilize muscles, ligaments, and businesses while reducing the strain on broken tissues. One who has experienced kinesiology patches is one of the most shocking immediate analgesic effect experience.The tape was initially only available to athletes, and then started to be used for cold and nowadays it is increasingly being used and used to treat a variety of muscular and obesity-related problems. Also for the treatment of sprains and fractures, bruises, abrasions and scars; but tape can be a cure for solving swellings, moles, or even a problem with tennis shoes and pockets.

Why should a baby try out kinesio tape?

Because there is no need for any chemical substance, and it can help with pregnancy complaints. According to the expert, kinesio-tape techniques should be used in the case of a particular symptom (eg stria, abdominal distension, edema) or pain in a small child.

Can it be glued to the tummy?

Yes! The tummy glue means abdominal stiffness and longitudinal adhesive bonding- I found out about Rigunny Spring Piroski. With the help of tummy sticking you can a reduction of abdominal load (the tape can provide support) as the tapes measure skin acuity and tissue tension, thus reducing the likelihood of developing stretch marks (stretch marks). The pocakragasztбs can play an important role in hasizomvйdelemben, because of the straight abdominal muscles szйtnyнlбsбt megelхzх ragasztбs segнtsйgйvel csцkkenthetх the rectus diastasis (szйtnyнlt abdominal muscle) kialakulбsбnak esйlye also йs this egyьtt the kцldцk and lбgyйksйrv can be enyhнteni megelхzhetх.A pocakragasztбs segнtsйgйvel the kйnyelmetlen, nehйz alvбson, Kinesio-tape can also provide solutions to hip and lumbar pain due to increased load. According to the person skilled in the art, coupling gluing with manual therapy can provide immediate pain relief without drugs, which is very important in the case of a pregnant woman. The ъn. octopus adhesive technique facilitates the removal of edema from the affected area.

What to pay attention to when treating your baby?

During the first three months of pregnancy, it is not possible to glue it to the abdomen and waist, because the tape increases the biological activity of the underlying areas and organs, and enhances the pelvic circulation. During this period, the protection and support of rooting is the primary, however, in the case of spinal complaints, it can be used by the wallpapier after use. If your mother is diabetic, there should be no tape applied to the insulin injection site, and no tape should be applied to any fresh wound or healed scar. Even small children with pre-existing cushions do not even have a tummy tuck, ”said Piroska Rigunne Spring.

Who Can Make Tummy Tapes?

In Hungary, professionals (primarily masseurs, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses) can apply maternity gluing, who have been licensed and trained in human health services. They are the ones who, with a good knowledge of the anatomy, apply the tape using the appropriate tension measure. Sхt! Anyone familiar with the use of tapes knows that no matter what color the tape is put on the patient, since the practitioner must also adhere to the rules of color therapy.

After childbirth, he does good service

The baby's a it is worth following after birth turn to kinesio-tape, as the specialist can help with regeneration. Kinesiology-tape is an alternative to the treatment of striae, blanched abdominal muscles and spinal complaints, but it can also be used for the treatment of breast inflammation.

Practical tape tips for little ones

  • In kinesio taping treatment, oils and oily creams should be avoided as this will not allow the tapes to adhere properly.
  • Adhesive tapes are a safe way to shower, but bath tubs and long baths are not fond of tape because they can soak.
  • After a quick shower, be sure to carefully wipe the water off the tapes and dry with a towel (max. 1 minute).
  • Carefully remove the tapes with water or an oil-based softener.
  • Rarely, but our skin may be sensitive to tape adhesive

Specialist: Rigunny Piroska Spring, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor

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