Two hours after birth, back home!

Two hours after birth, back home!

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What if you want to go home from the hospital shortly after birth, say, because you feel better at home or the bigger one, but you are still very small?

Get home first!

There is a lot of weight in the hospital where I will be born, too popular. I know, because I'm going to give birth to the second. I want to go home that day to make room for the newcomers, and just like that, my little boy is back home. However, I heard that this was not possible. Why can ?!
Erika Berkes, Budapest

Dr. Judit Boros's answer:

Currently, the Social Security Agency pays to the hospital only the cost of the parent who has spent at least 72 hours in the institution. What a surprise, after all, 48 ounces - at least from a finance point of view of the House. If the mother or baby is ill, it may be possible to prepare for a longer stay. But there are other considerations. The hospital may, for example, suggest a longer stay, depending on the social situation of the mother. There are compelling reasons for prolonged inbreeding, based on the newborn's interests: pediatric disorders: there are cardiovascular disorders that only take a couple of days to cause a condition, and the baby can be treated and it can be treated. For parents, it is advisable to stay indoors for at least three days, the second, the third, when the mother is more experienced, and the older child expects to be home, so much less.

Do you shoot home after birth? Can you do it?

If purely parenting considerations are to be decided, I would say go home first and then take care of Social Security at home. This means that during the critical first few days she will be born, a pediatrician will visit her mother and her newborn. However, this solution is still only rarely found in the private sector in Hungary. Although good foreign examples are given, there may still be a lot to be done for home education.
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