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The kid's upset

The kid's upset

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Because the child is shy ... especially his brother. Where not the case, we can say "respect for the privilege" or the very good upbringing.

The birth of a baby to children is not always easy.

Usually, the older child is scared of the smaller one. If the birth rate is higher, it is already the case. Where one or two years of specialty, There is the the larger one is almost naturalthat he is not alone. Even so, it is not uncommon for the older one to feel "something", to feel that his mother cares a little more for his mother than for him. mommy is breastfeeding like a baby to her brother. I know, I know a mom who allowed that. True, the thing didn't become regular, because the big cat, the two-year-old boy, hadn't had breast milk for a while. That's the way to go. Experiences are quite extensive. There are moms who, according to her heart, also "scientifically" believe that the newborn should only be looked at if she has to deal with her and her bigger cat before. You have to watch that it didn't become less importantas it was. The other breadth, when the mother tries to explain to the bigger one that the little one is very much in need of care, and now, for a while, play more who has gone to kindergarten, please keep going or keep at home because he is home because of the little one. Then I advised him to take it further - not just change the life of the baby for the rest of the day , perhaps even for a little rest, every third month you should consciously deal more with the kindergarten girl. There are some rough manifestations of idleness. In our neighborhood, a little brother born to a young baby boy. He really thought that once the little one was there, and his mother neglected it, he didn't even dare to meet him first, but hurried to the little one. The little boy wanted he did not put his discarded toys back, as his mother had asked him to, but rushed them to his baby. When Mom ran into the big roar in the nursery, the puppy suddenly remarked, "I didn't understand why I just gave her her toys. My mother was the most closely watched and saw how it happened." He didn't do anything like mildly scold the big boy - and never again asked him to put the toys back in the baby, but rather in the bike. the way to the little punishment… Virtue is really in all of us, but if something can overcome that, it is nothing more than love. It is not easy to feed love, but it is not impossible. If the child senses that parents, grandparents have love for you, then they will certainly develop this sensation not only in the ascendant, but also in the sibling, the brothers and sisters, and the school. It's easy to break down, but difficult to build. Maybe not that hard. Not difficult if we dare to show you this love is the same for each of our children. It's not hard for a child to see that parents love each other, not to say bad things about their parents behind their back (and especially not in front of the kids) .It's a little strange in Hungarian cinema, family members, relatives, friends are all without reason saying, "I love you - I love you too!" We are somehow more difficult to say even when warranted. So, the other one feels it anyway. As if we had come a long way from the idea of ​​humanity, though, it all comes down to not doing it any less. In many families, for example, one child receives a gift for the birthday of the other. Smaller than the main is celebrated, but you can feel it your brother's birthday is a good thing for him as well.The children are not the same. If one notices that one of our children is more sensitive, it is inevitably - more or less explicitly - more sensitive to the other. Or, if the child has no sibling, then the mother, the dad, may be frightened, because she may feel that they are dealing with each other more than her. That's good if we pay attention.Related articles on fraternity:
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