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Look, this is the New Year!

Look, this is the New Year!

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How much you know and how innocent it seems. A new birth is simply a miracle! What skills do you have in the skin and how can you help? Elбruljuk.

I am surprised at how many servants in the Newborn's body serve to start socializing. It can focus just 25-30 inches on your eyes, so if you put it in your arms, your face will be clear, and the environment won't bother you with your eyes. And she loves to look at you so much: her brain is particularly sensitive to the shape of her face. It recognizes your voice and even your scent.
If you are in close proximity, you will be fainter than your baby because you know what's around you. But at this age, even other adults can easily reassure themselves, the most important thing is to feel safe. If your baby is relieved of spending the first few weeks due to illness or premature birth, you should try to be as good as possible. Please be assured that these jumbles will not cause irrecoverable disruption. You will have many opportunities to deepen your relationship.

How do you help?

- Body proximity is everything! If you do, pick it up or put it on your chest. Don't worry, you won't get it!
- Talk to me! The baby does not understand, you are now feeling that you are getting married. What does the baby know?
Most new born
- lifts her head for a short while lying on her stomach
- he listens to the voices
the strong light blinks
- studies the faces for a long time
Many newborns
- he follows his eyes to the distance of 20-25 centimeters
- the sound turns and you make the sound yourself
- She is curious about the contoured black and white patterns
There is a newborn who
he smiles back when they smile
- laugh
- is capable of holding the head at an angle of 45 degrees when placed on its belly
- Holds the head securely when in a vertical position
Follow your baby's exciting development in the Baby Room!


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