Postpartum Pregnancy - When is it worthwhile to start again?

Postpartum Pregnancy - When is it worthwhile to start again?

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How long does it take for a couple to try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage? Do you have a general recipe, suggestion, when is it worthwhile to start a baby project again?

What to Know About Getting Pregnant After Pregnancy Pregnancy is not easy at all, and unfortunately, many pregnancies result in spontaneous abortion - estimated to be 10-25% of pregnancies. Losing a fetus is very painful and only time can heal the wounds. However, many couples do not want to wait too long for their next pregnancy and want to try again. Contrary to many official recommendations, some researchers say it is not worth waiting too long, because after three months of abortion, there is a greater chance of conceiving a baby and not having a baby. The study found that patients who became pregnant within three months after a miscarriage had a significantly higher death rate (53%) than those who had a longer life expectancy (36%), .Dr. According to Mark Trolice, if you had a miscarriage and decided to wait for another pregnancy, the risk of a repeat miscarriage is a bit higher. This notion contradicts the suggestion of the major health authorities, who recommend that couples wait six months for repeated testing. As a general recommendation, we recommend this on a psychological basis, as anxiety is not conducive to maternal or infant development, and has also been linked to previous birth control. However, high levels of emotional anxiety do not occur to everyone who has rejected, and according to Dr. Trolice, this recommendation is not based on solid medical evidence.

Why is it worthwhile to check in again tomorrow?

Dr. Trolice hopes that couples who start to get pregnant sooner will also change their lifestyle with a greater degree of health in order to have a healthier pregnancy. Among women who are looking forward, research has shown that the proportion of those who are deported is higher, like those who tried to get pregnant. In addition, those who tried to get pregnant again were more likely to be lucky because they were simply younger than the younger ones, and the older the mother, the bigger the woman. there is no point in waiting too long. - Women are most productive from the mid to late twenties to the late twenties, it begins to decline significantly after 35 years of age However, all pregnancies are unique, as are all abortions, so if the abortion is followed by a medical intervention, the risk of infection and infection will be avoided. For couples who have had a miscarriage after the 13th week (most spontaneous miscarriages usually occur before) It's a good idea to exclude any health issues, including those of the mother and the baby to be born.Both Dr. Molinaro and Dr. Trolice agree that there is no single, well-established recipe for when it comes to getting pregnant again. But if the couples are physically and mentally ready, then it is not worth waiting for 6 months to try again. But if it takes more than half a year to process grief for loss, it is worth waiting until you are ready again. (VIA)Related links: