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GYES 2015: Amount and other important info

GYES 2015: Amount and other important info

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How much is GYES? Can I get GYES in parallel with other benefits (eg CSED or GYED)? The most important inquiries and answers about child care assistance.

The child or child can receive childbirth until the 3rd birthday of the child. Year 3 is delayed in some cases - if you have twin children or if you have a sick, disabled child. In the former case, the boundary of education (but up to the age of 10) is compulsory for schooling, and in the latter case the boundary of the 10th birthday.
In an unusual case, the grandparent can "go to childbirth" if the child has reached the age of 1, and the parents give up childbirth for the benefit of the child. Feltйtel mйg that the child szьlх hбztartбsбban йljen and that there is no szьlхnйl mбsik child who utбn you have already jбr of maternity leave.

Can I work with GYES?

As of January 2014, a child is practically able to work 8 hours a day from the age of one and receive the benefit for that period. Of course, this also applies to GYES, so you can work full time with it. It is literally a good idea to bring your child into the sun, summer sun, wisdom, kindergarten, and still no 3-year-old child. (This is not legal when a grandparent receives childbirth - if you place the child in any of the above institutions, you will not be eligible for that time.)

How many GYES can be counted?

What is GYES 2015?

The amount is the same as the minimum amount of the old-age pension - which is 28,500 Ft. This amount is paid monthly as well as CSED, GYED and other family benefits. In the case of twin children the same number of children is used: that is, if there are 2 children then 2x28.500 (57.000 HUF), if 3 children then 3x28.500 (85.500 Ft)

Can GYES and GYED go hand in hand?

Many people do not know exactly when it is possible to claim benefits in parallel. The answer is related to the date: in the case of a child born after December 31, 2013, there is a way to continue the support side by side. Either one child was born only after the above date, or both.
However, there is a limit: a maximum of 2 children can be requested. But this is not valid for twins, since they are multiplied by the amount of childbirth, in fact, only one childbirth claim occurs.

And did CSED (old TGYБS) come along with GYES?

The legal cut-off date is almost the same as the GYED-GYES parallel application. According to the rules, in the case of a child born after January 1, 2014, CSED is used, as well as a smaller child - if he / she is 2 but not 3 - also has a child. With the proviso that only one and the same parent can claim both benefits. So if the mother receives the child care, the mother can also receive the CSED.

The demanding process of GYES

GYES should be sought from the appropriate government window according to your place of residence (or declared place of residence).


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