Baby Care Prize - CSED 2019

Baby Care Prize - CSED 2019

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What is the total amount of infant care fee, ie CSED, in 2019? Not easy to account for, but let's help!

Baby Care Prize - CSED 2019

When can you apply for CSED?

CSED is a maternity benefit that you can get for the duration of your maternity leave if you were insured for 365 days within the two years prior to your child's birth. The 365-day insurance period does not need to be continuous, and includes the following:
  • the amount of time you spend on social security benefits and private insurance, as well as your insurance coverage for these services,
  • insurance coverage for accident follow-up, baby care fee, child care allowance,
  • in the full-time course of a secondary or higher education establishment, of a duration of 180 days,
  • and also the time of the rehabilitation marriages and rehabilitation care.
When applying for CSED, account will also be taken of the insurance coverage within 42 days after or after the termination of insurance coverage, or after the termination of the continuation of coverage within 28 days.

How long does CSED take?

CSED is about to go on maternity leave: 24 weeks are right for mothers, of which at least 2 weeks are required. Your eligibility for CSED will start at least as soon as the baby is born, and in the case of a premature baby it will be the first day of the parental leave. In this case, if you take care of your baby in an early child care institution and you have not taken part in your maternity leave, your child will be However, parental leave shall cease when:
  • the child is stillborn,
  • the child dies after birth, on the 15th day after death,
  • or, if the child leaves the household, the day after the placement.

What is CSED based on?

Finding the CSED amount is not based on the last monthly salary you received at your workplace. When calculating the amount, it will first be counted down 3 months from the day you request support. Then, your 180 calendar day earnings counted back 3 days earlier will be taken into account in calculating the benefit if the insurance period was continuous during this period. a. If you do not have 120 days' income, the current minimum wage is twice the CSED - unless you have less actual earnings.If there is no continuous insurance period, your earnings before the interruption will be taken into account: valу up to the ellбtбsra jogosultsбg elsх napjбt megelхzх naptбri йv elsх napjбig.A CSED цsszege the naptбri daily jцvedelem 70 szбzalйka: this szemйlyi jцvedelemadу kцteles bruttу цsszeg, ezйrt the szemйlyi jцvedelemadу-elхleget levonjбk, but the CSED utбn not have to pay any egйszsйgbiztosнtбsi йs nyugdнjjбrulйkot.
The following calculator can help you with your CSED calculation.

When should we continue CSED?

They are required to resume CSED once a month, after the first diagnosis and follow-up. You can request this by mail or by bank transfer. In all cases, you must receive or have a CSED by the 10th of the month following the current month, but at the very least you must have the payroll.

How to apply for CSED?

You can apply for a CSED by filling out the "Declaration for a Baby Care Award" form. In the event that your employment is terminated without your legal status, the competent governmental office of your former headquarters shall act in the Office of the Health Insurance Fund, and in your county seat in Feb. X. You can apply for a CSED with your application at the District Office.You should also attach the following: "Certificate of Insurance and Insurance Coverage" (here) elsх time igйnyelsz pйnzbeli ellбtбst йs the kйtйvi continuous biztosнtбsi idхn belьl tцbb munkбltatуd was "Declaration csecsemхgondozбsi dнj megбllapнtбsбhoz" nyomtatvбnyt, йs the egйszsйgьgyi szolgбltatу errхl szуlу nyilatkozatбt if csecsemхgondozбsi dнjat igйnyli child vйr of or цrцkbefogadу father because szьlх or цrцkbefogadу nх due to your medical condition you will be withdrawing your home school diploma from your secondary or tertiary education institution if you also need to qualify for it you also need a copy of your child's certificate if you only need CSED from the day you are born.Related articles on Family Benefits:
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