These are the biggest dilemmas for new moms

These are the biggest dilemmas for new moms

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The baby is born, and one of the parents is asked after the other: is there any silence or music? Can I leave it alone while I shower? When can we receive visitors?

Can I watch a baby while breastfeeding?

We need not be afraid that the loss of a baby during a marathon breastfeeding, movie or phone call will disturb the baby! Of course, this may distract the attention of an older baby, but it should not be counted for long breastfeeding. However, it is worth noting that during breastfeeding, no loud noises or sharp lights disturb the baby during sleep.Need complete silence while your baby is sleeping?

Have complete silence in the apartment while sleeping?

Many people think that the baby's rest should not be disturbed by anything, that is why the whole silence is favored, but others do not mind if there is a little "basic noise", because it will make it easier for the baby to sleep. In fact, there is no need for a perfect ring (which in many homes, even with a bigger sibling, is impossible to cure), and even fewer babies sleep better. white noise. However, it is worthwhile to "help" the baby from the first period to learn the differences between day and night, or to develop a routine that can help him / her relax during sleep. Part of this may be to create a quieter, darker, calmer environment for him.

Do you have music with your baby?

We know that music has a great effect on the development of the little ones, so the melodic music is definitely not bothering you (so you know that you already know your favorites in your tummy). But don't expect the newborn to be immediately enthusiastic about music - you have to wait a bit!

Can I leave it alone while I shower?

If your baby is in a safe place, there is nothing to prevent you from leaving it alone for the time you take a shower. However, it is worthwhile to wait while sleeping and leave the bathroom door open and take the baby monitor with you so that you can hear it as soon as you wake up. We can take you to the bathtub in a baby carrier or relaxation - many babies are especially entertained and find it interesting to spend time washing.

When can we receive visitors?

It is natural for everyone to want to know about the New Year, but the first few weeks can be very rewarding even without visiting, it is better for the mother to focus on the newborn and not on herself! However, if visitors are able to help (eg, bring a "comma", wash, pack or move the dog), and are completely healthy, there is no obstacle to having a few days old baby. But the decision is always for the mother! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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