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5 special tips for kids

5 special tips for kids

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We try to offer a couple of creativity and thinking stimulating games, and we don't regret it when you play green, or even when you design at home.

In fact, if it is available 11 days before Christmas, it will be a prize money, so wherever possible, links to webshops will be included to see if it is in stock and can be delivered on time.
1. If there is something on the wall that is not forbidden, and even explicitly drawn, you may be able to get away from the wall scratch. A 45 x 200 cm sticky chalkboard, available on the Patria stationery page, is personal.
Br: $ 1560
2. Make Dodo Undeniably Creative, and a Family-Friendly Game to Make All the Families of a Age, as they consist primarily of things that help keep things together: a cardboard, a good deal, and a piece of cake cartons can be used to make virtually anything. But there are also kits with stickers: autos, robots and flying, dolls, elephants and the like. There are countless inspirational ideas on the MakeDo page, and even a wall of praise with monthly prizes. Here at Cardboard, the Warehouse, and many other products on Shopping All.
Brak: 1990 Ft-tl.
3. The interactive fairy tale system based on painted pebble bases has not started so long, everything is in the dreamed-up Pandala Islands; A painted iron bar starts with 6 magazines starting at 7000 HUF, each gravel figure is 7-800 HUF, details here.
4. Amazingly good head mangalica are available in Namibi, home made with raw materials and sizes comparable to a medium size. If the baby is a little piggy, it is typically in the "must" category, mainly because it also has a beautiful eye for the baby, and even a baby on the little ham.
5. Fans of this form of humanity are bound to fancy it, hopefully little ones will not think that this kind of chalk is probably better to scrub than to use.
8 db $ 2150.
There are also teddy bears, heart and star shapes.Did you like these tips? If so, click on the Timetris blog to continue!


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