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Save Many KidsChristmas Classes to Examine Sick Children in Tatabanya

Save Many KidsChristmas Classes to Examine Sick Children in Tatabanya

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In Hungary, we are now able to examine infants and children at the St. Borbella Court in Tatabánya with a unique, state-of-the-art videoendoscope, thanks to a $ 42 million donation to a child.

The so-called chromoendoscopic techniques are made in the 21st century. It represents the technology of the 21st century, because it is also capable of imaging the "under" area of ​​the fabric by changing the wavelengths of light by reflecting light from the surface or deeper. This is especially true because "smooth" endoscopes can often not detect changes at an early stage, but your doctor can diagnose the disease early. The video endoscopic system allows the doctors to examine the upper and lower canal and can perform smaller surgeries.
- Recognizing and treating gastrointestinal diseases is now a major help to our institution in the Cancer Foundation - said the Btadyünnepsie dr. József Laszlo Kovacs, General Director of St. Borbaba Kourrbaz.
- At the pediatric gastroenterology clinic, by 2010, we could hardly give a local picture of gut changes - He told dr. Celecz Zsuzsanna, chief physician of the infant and pediatric ward. Due to poor instrumentation, parents sometimes had to go to Budapest for exams to go to exams.
In childhood, malabsorption, especially celiac disease, but also allergic gastritis and helicobacter pylori are increasingly common. The diagnosis of inflammatory diseases requires the use of an endoscope or a new device in the therapy of sick children suffering from nutritional difficulties.
-The devices will be commissioned in March, and are scheduled to be used one day a week, although as the test becomes widespread, neighborhood doctors are likely to send more and more small patients - said dr. Celecz Zsuzsanna.
However, adults with the video endoscope have also been provided with suitable supplements for examination, so that the tool will also be used to diagnose adults' gastroenterological problems.
- Inflammatory diseases can lead to the development of cancer in the long term, so the timely initiation of therapy is extremely important. And this camera can show really fantastic resolution images - said the badadnünnepsie dr. Káfony Andrбs, head of the endoscopic lab.We are ready to buy Gyorgy Popovich, the chairman of the Commune of Komarom-Esztergom County maintained by the Borough of Saint Borbella, because the hospital has an endoscopic laboratory, but it is not able to supply small patients. In recent years, the possibility of diagnosis has become doubtful.
The Children's Cancer Foundation was able to save them from donations received on a per cent basis. Over the past year, the organization has distributed 2 billion forints to hospitals and sick children.
- You simply can't let a child die in Hungary because they don't have the right tools, medicine, or medicine - He told Balogh Istvn, president of the Children's Cancer Foundation, who runs the Foundation for fourteen years, which receives outstanding support from taxpayers' 1-percent offerings.
In Hungary, 2,500 children are being treated for some form of cancer, and 320 new cases are diagnosed each year, compared with an average of 300 last year, said István Balogh, who had a child named Roland.
Currently, the Outstanding Public Benefit Organization provides 661 cancer-free children with drugs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and, to their disappointment, provides regular financial support. Small patients involved in oncology treatment also receive professional life-style and leadership advice from the Foundation's physician. The body also provides a reliable medical service for children with cancer.


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